Our tested and proven approach to corporate security has been developed in complex and emerging markets, which are often the first to experience the development of such organizational risk.


Risk Management:

As a company, we work proactively to mitigate risks to our clients and staff through ongoing monitoring and the data mining of information sources. Information is analyzed and reports are generated to guide client operations worldwide.


Physical protection system

When designing security, a layered approach is utilized by our technical advisors, covering problem definitions, design, sensors, video, lighting, alarms, entry control, delay barriers, and the response force.

The ultimate in safety awareness, professionalism, efficiency


With a reputation for the outstanding delivery of specialist and discreet security services, Willshir & Associates is a privately-owned company that provides key security solutions to clients in South Africa, Africa and the Middle East. The company maintains an up to date database of security professionals that can be drawn upon to undertake projects at short notice, or to meet specific contractual requirements. We offer extensive experience in operating in complex and often unstable environments, and we ensure the implementation of client privacy policies while conducting business with the ultimate in safety awareness, professionalism and efficiency.

At Willshir & Associates, we strive to execute our responsibilities in a judicious manner, while remaining committed to our clients’ needs and expectations. We pride ourselves on building transparent relationships with our clients, whereby our long-term success is guided by service delivery and compliance.

SErvIcES WE OFFErwe take pride in our work


infoRMAtion seCuRity

Information assets exist in many forms and information asset protection is a growing field in the security industry...



While public sector organizations exist to serve and protect society in general, they do not always have sufficient resources to spare...


CRisis MAnAgeMent

We approach crises management through following operational plans designed by the company utilizing the experience gained...

PrOFESSIONAl mEmbErShIPS We apply the professional standards from the following organizations:

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