NIGERIA – SOKOTO – SOKOTO – ANNOUNCEMENT – 2023-06-05 19:55:00

Police have stated that the bandits carried out a targeted expedition against the villages after attacking several herders in a nearby village by a vigilante group. Local sources, who confirmed that a total of 36 people had been killed, indicated that the attacks are allegedly an attempt to form an armed group in the district. Reports indicate that this followed a failed negotiation with the assailants, after the villagers had refused to pay the group money to protect them. Rufai stated that the investigation is underway to apprehend the assailants. This follows after newly elected President Bola Tinubu promised to make the insecurity in Nigeria his priority. – 2023©️Willshir – Business Intelligence Program

NIGERIA – SOKOTO – SOKOTO – ANNOUNCEMENT – 2023-06-05 14:35:00

Sokoto Police announced that armed assailants attacked six villages in northwestern Nigeria, killing 30 people on Saturday, 03 June 2023. Sokoto Police Spokesman Ahmad Rufai stated that the assailants arrived on motorcycles and carried out raids in the district of Tangaza, Sokoto State. Reports indicate that the motive for the attack is unclear, but in these rural areas of Nigeria, fierce competition for resources between herders and farmers fuels the escalation of insecurity. This has resulted in some communities mobilizing armed groups to ensure their protection. Rufai stated that some of these groups, locally called bandits, have gradually turned into criminal groups and attack and loot villages, kill their inhabitants or kidnap them against the payment of ransoms. – 2023©️Willshir – Business Intelligence Program


Clashes reported at the Mararaban Jama’a junction in the vicinity of Kuru, Jos. Reports indicate that the residents of Mararaban engaged in clashes with local Police officers at a checkpoint, which resulted in an exchange of fire. Reports also indicate that a vehicle had been set alight. The road remains closed due to the incident. The situation remains volatile. Motorists are advised to avoid the area. – 2023©️Willshir – Business Intelligence Program


Nigerian President Bola Tinubu is scheduled to meet with Legislators-elect of the National Assembly comprised of Opposition Parties on Monday, 05 June 2023. Opposition Senators-elect and House of Representatives Members-elect from the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Labour Party (LP) and the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP), among other opposition parties, are expected to meet with President Tinubu at the State House in Abuja between 15H00and 17H00. Tinubu is expected to discuss the Leadership of the 10th National Assembly. The 10th National Assembly has also been scheduled for Monday, 05 June 2023. – 2023©️Willshir – Business Intelligence Program

NIGERIA – ZAMFARA – MARADUN – ATTACK – 2023-06-03 14:00:00

Attack reported in the villages of Maradun Local Government Area of Zamfara State. Reports indicate that suspected bandits attacked the village of Janbako and killed about 20 people while opening fire on local civilians. Following the attack, the bandits killed five people during an attack in the village of Sakkida. Maradun Governor, Dauda Lawal, has called on the Heads of Security Agencies in the State to deploy additional security to the affected communities to ensure safety and order. – 2023©️Willshir – Business Intelligence Program

NIGERIA – LAGOS – AGEGE – ANNOUNCEMENT – 2023-06-03 06:00:00

Protest expected throughout Nigeria on Wednesday, 07 June 2023. The Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) President, Joe Ajaero, has stated that it plans to embark on a Nationwide protest from Wednesday, 07 June 2023, if the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNCPL) delines to reverse the new price regime in the oil sector. This follows as President Bola Tinubu has stated during his inauguration on Monday, 29 May 2023, that there would no longer be a petroleum subsidy regime as it was not sustainable. – 2023©️Willshir – Business Intelligence Program


Strike action expected by members affiliated with the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) on Wednesday, 07 June 2023. The NLC is expected to embark on a nationwide strike due to the withdrawal of the fuel subsidy and the increased fuel costs. NLC President, Joe Ajaero, announced during an emergency meeting of the NLC’s National Executive Council (NEC) today, 02 June 2023, that the Nigerian National Petroleum Company (NNPC) Limited has until Wednesday, 07 June 2023, to revert to the old prices of Premium Motor Spirit (PMS). The Nigerian Police Forces (NPF) is expected to increase the security presence in the country to monitor the situation. The public is advised to remain vigilant when travelling during the duration of the demonstrations. – 2023©️Willshir – Business Intelligence Program

NIGERIA – ENUGU – ENUGU – ANNOUNCEMENT – 2023-06-02 11:50:00

Governor Peter Mbah of Enugu State has announced the abolishment of the weekly sit-at-home protest held every Monday. The announcement follows as Governor Mbah expressed his Government’s readiness to engage in dialogue with members of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) in order to restore peace and security in the Enugu State. Following the order, the Governor prohibited the sit-at-home order in effect from Monday, 05 June 2023. Further, Governor Mbah appealed to President Bola Tinubu, to release the detained leader of the IPOB, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. – 2023©️Willshir – Business Intelligence Program

NIGERIA – LAGOS – LAGOS – ANNOUNCEMENT – 2023-06-01 15:30:00

The Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPCL) has claimed that with time, the current high pump price of fuel is expected to come down. The Group Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NNPCL, Mele Kyari, stated that competition among major players in the oil sector is likely to force down the fuel price against the current price hike that had caused unrest in the country. This follows after President Bola Tinubu announced, at his inaugural speech, that the fuel subsidy has been removed, which had immediately been followed by a sudden increase in the petrol pump price. Kyari stated that the subsidy removal is likely to cause new entrants into the market because of oil marketing companies’ reluctance to come into the market due to the subsidy regime that is in place. – 2023©️Willshir – Business Intelligence Program

NIGERIA – EDO – BENIN CITY – PROTEST – 2023-06-01 13:50:00

Protest reported in Benin City, Edo State of Nigeria. Reports indicate that the residents of Benin City are marching through the major streets, halting traffic. Reports indicate that the communities are protesting the Federal Government’s removal of fuel subsidies and the official petrol prices released on Wednesday, 31 May 2023, by the Nigeria National Petroleum Cooperation Limited (NNPCL). The protesters are insisting that if the petrol subsidy should be removed, the Government is expected to fix the four Nigerian refineries to start refining petrol for domestic consumption. Law enforcement is reportedly on the scene. Motorists are advised to avoid gatherings to avoid delays. – 2023©️Willshir – Business Intelligence Program