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June 24



ANGOLA – 24 JUN 2022

  • SAURIMO – 24 JUN 2022 (07H15) The President of the Republic, João Lourenço, is expected to travel to Saurimo, province of Lunda Sul, for a two-day working visit, from today, 24 June 2022. According to the secretary of the President of the Republic for Institutional Affairs and the Press, Luís Fernando, President Lourenço will meet with the Provincial Governor, Daniel Félix Neto, for a general assessment of the local situation. On Saturday, 25 June 2022, President Lourenço will lead a mass act within the scope of the political activities ahead of the 24 August 2022 General Elections, in line with the People’s Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA).
  • CACULO CABAÇA – 24 JUN 2022 (07H30) Employees at the Angolan hydroelectric project of Caculo Cabaça and the management of the Chinese contractor China Gezhouba Group Company (CGCG) have signed a collective agreement to improve working conditions. This follows after demonstrations at the site resulted in fatal clashes between workers and the Police. In May 2022, the Angolan Minister of Energy and Water, João Baptista Borges, issued an ultimatum of 15 days to end the impasse between the workers at the Caculo Cabaça hydroelectric project and the management of the Chinese contractor CGCG. The workers at the Caculo Cabaça hydroelectric plant in the province of Cuanza Norte demanded a salary increase, better working conditions, food and medical assistance.
  • LUANDA – 24 JUN 2022 (13H50) SonaGas, a subsidiary of Sonangol, announced that the construction of an industrial complex for fertilizers is expected to commence on 28 June 2022. SonaGas stated that the project, which is financed by the Afreximbank-African Bank for Exports and Imports, will have a production capacity of 3,500 tonnes of granulated urea/day. With the technical assistance of the company Saipem, the construction of the complex will promote national agricultural production, in addition to improving the standard of living and well-being of the local population.


BOTSWANA – 24 JUN 2022

  • GABORONE – 24 JUN 2022 (09H00) The Ministry of Health has announced that its health authorities have been placed on high alert following the outbreak of monkeypox in South Africa. The Ministry Spokesperson, Christopher Nyanga, has stated that the ministry has advised all Batswana and residents of the country to seek assistance from healthcare facilities if experiencing symptoms related to monkeypox. This follows as the World Health Organisation (WHO) recently noted that it expects additional infectious cases of the viral zoonotic disease as 20 countries across the world have reported monkeypox cases. The Ministry of Health has also expanded its surveillance efforts despite no detected cases being reported.
  • GABORONE – 24 JUN 2022 (17H10) President Mokgweetsi Masisi has held a meeting with Namibian President Hage Geingob. During the meeting, the members discussed issues of mutual interest. Furthermore, President Masisi noted that Botswana is set to increase the usage of the Walvis Bay Port for its trade. Additionally, they discussed the joint bid to host the Southern African Customs Union (SACU) to be held in Gaborone.


DEM. REP. CONGO – 24 JUN 2022

  • RUTSHURU – 23 JUN 2022 (20H00) Attack reported in Nkokwe village, Rumangabo. The attack by March 23 Movement (M23) militants is set to follow due to the M23 members seeking control of the National road. The Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC) have been deployed to repel the attack. Local residents have been observed evacuating the village from 18H00 due to explosives being detonated following clashes between FARDC and the M23 in the vicinity. Furthermore, local villagers have requested that the FARDC strengthen their position to repel expected attacks by M23 militants allegedly supported by President Paul Kagame.
  • GOMA – 23 JUN 2022 (22H00) The United Nations (UN) has denounced the recent deaths of 13 civilians during armed clashes between security forces and rebel groups in the Democratic Republic of the Congo’s (DRCs) eastern region. The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) recently confirmed the deaths of 13 civilians during clashes between 19 June 2022 and 21 June 2022 in the Rutshuru territory in North Kivu. This follows a recent escalation of clashes after the March 23 Movement (M23) rebels accused the Government of failing to honour a 2009 agreement regarding the incorporation of rebel members into the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (FARDC). The UN has also raised concerns regarding the mass displacement of at least 158,000 people in Rutshuru and Nyiragongo due to the deteriorating security situation. OCHA has called for peace and stability in a bid to alleviate the increasing demand for humanitarian assistance in the region.
  • KISANGANI – 24 JUN 2022 (06H00) The President of the Senate, Modeste Bahati, has arrived in the city of Kisangani, representing the Head of State, Felix Tshisekedi, at the official ceremony of presenting the remains of the first Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Patrice Emery Lumumba, in Kisangani. Lumumba’s relic is expected in Kisangani on Saturday, 25 June 2022, and will be exhibited at the Esplanade de la Poste. The national mourning ceremony will end with the burial scheduled for Thursday, 30 June 2022, which will be observed as Independence Day in the DRC.
  • LUBERO – 24 JUN 2022 (06H10) The Administrator of the territory of Lubero has announced the suspension of traffic between the city of Butembo and Lubero-centre in North Kivu. The suspension is due to consecutive rehabilitation work on the Bukano bridge, located on the national road number two, Butembo-Goma. Motorists have been advised to use the Lubero-Mulo-Lukanga-Luhotu axis as an alternative route when travelling to Butembo.
  • KINSHASA – 24 JUN 2022 (06H20) The Kinshasa-Gombe Court of Appeal has acquitted the former President of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and President of the Union for the Congolese Nation (UNC), Vital Kamerhe, after being sentenced to prison to 20 years in prison and ten years of ineligibility for corruption and embezzlement in the management of funds. According to Hugues Pulusi Eka, one of Vital Kamerhe’s lawyers, Kamerhe was acquitted in the case of the alleged embezzlement of funds allocated to the emergency program of 100 days of the President of the Republic. This comes as Kamerhe’s hearing was scheduled to take place today, 24 June 2022. On 11 April 2022, the Court of Cassation overturned the decision of the Kinshasa-Gombe Court of Appeal, sentencing Vital Kamerhe to 13 years of forced labour. The Court of Cassation found that the Kinshasa/Gombe Court of Appeal violated article 104 of the code of criminal procedure by examining the file while it was incomplete. The court had also emphasised that the Court of Appeal ruled on the notification of the hearing date when it should have summoned the defendant, which also constitutes a violation of the right of defence provided for by section 19 of the Constitution.
  • KINSHASA – 24 JUN 2022 (09H40) Protest expected in the vicinity of Kinshasa on Saturday, 25 June 2022, from 10H00, held by members of civil society and activists affiliated with citizen movements. The demonstration will be held in support of the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (FARDC), in solidarity with the populations affected due to the conflict and denunciation of the alleged Rwandan support to the March 23 Movement (M23) rebels. The Fight For Change (LUCHA) activist, Bienvenu Matumo, has stated that the demonstrations will continue to express their support to the populations of Rutshuru and Nyiragongo. The demonstrators are expected to gather at Place Pascal in the town of Masina and proceed to the Kinshasa Interchange in Limete. Motorists have been advised to use an alternative route for the duration of the protest. Police will be deployed to the scene.


ESWATINI – 24 JUN 2022

  • MANZINI – 24 JUN 2022 (18H10) President of Cooperatives Federation of eSwatini Musa Sibandze has announced that Cooperatives Day will be observed on 07 July 2022 at the Metropolitan Church under the theme Cooperatives Build a Better World. Furthermore, the public is set to commence a march at 07H00 from the Millennium Park to the Church. The official programme will start at 09H00. The observation is set to increase and extend partnerships between the international cooperative movement and other social development outfits. Motorists are advised to use alternative routes during the event.



  • LIBEN – 24 JUN 2022 (10H50) Armed clashes reported between the Somali and Oromo ethnic groups in the Liban area in the Somali State. Reports indicate that several people have been killed and several others injured due to the clashes. The situation remains tense. Additional security has been dispatched to the area. Members of the public are advised to avoid the area.


GHANA – 24 JUN 2022

  • ACCRA – 23 JUN 2022 (20H40) The United Kingdom (UK) Financial Conduct Authority has announced that it has fined the Ghana International Bank $7,1 million for its alleged failure to uphold anti-money-laundering and counter-terrorist financing controls in relation to its correspondent banking activities. Correspondent banking relationships allow banks to gain access to financial services in various jurisdictions and provide cross-border payment services to clients. The regulator has stated that investigations have indicated that no money laundering has been detected. However, the Ghana International Bank allegedly failed to execute the required reviews on its established associations with international banks and assess the involved banks’ anti-money-laundering regimes between 2012 and 2016. The FCA has detected a significant risk of money laundering as a result of the deficient systems. The bank recently noted that it has appointed a new board and management team and has heightened its control mechanisms to mitigate money laundering risks.


KENYA – 24 JUN 2022

  • NAIROBI – 23 JUN 2022 (23H00) The World Health Organization (WHO) has issued an alert advisory to the Kenyan Government regarding the ongoing spread of the monkeypox disease in Africa. WHO has advised Kenyan Health authorities to increase vigilance following the recent detection of the disease in South Africa. WHO has stated South African health authorities reported the first case wherein the patient did not have any travel history to any countries that previously recorded the disease. Kenyan Health Principal Secretary Susan Mochache has stated that authorities remain on high alert and have increased surveillance at the country’s entry points.
  • NAIROBI – 24 JUN 2022 (12H30) Protest expected on Thursday, 07 July 2022, from 10H00 until 15H00 in the Central Business District (CBD) in Nairobi led by Operation Ondoa Panya. The citizens in Kenya will be embarking on a protest action in demand of an immediate intervention involving the cost of living and basic commodities, as well as the implementation of the Mwananchi Budget. Other demands include the immediate removal of increased taxes on fuel and other items, an end to the increase in public debt, free and fair conduct of the General Elections, and the prevention of electoral violence, an immediate end to Police brutality and State Repression, access to healthcare and provision of clean water. The protest will be in line with the failure of the National Government to implement Article 43 of the Constitution of Kenya 2010, which assures Social and Economic Rights. The demonstrators are expected to gather at the Tom Mboya Monument on Moi Avenue before 10H00. Members of the public are advised to remain vigilant. Police will be deployed to the scene.


LESOTHO – 24 JUN 2022

  • MASERU – 24 JUN 2022 (06H20) The Basotho Action Party (BAP) is scheduled to hold a political rally on Sunday, 26 June 2022, from 11H00. The Leader of the BAP, Nqosa Mahao, has called on the party’s supporters to attend the manifesto, which will be held under the theme of We make Lesotho a dignified, dignified one. The rally will be held in Lepereng, in the constituency of Lithabaneng.
  • TSA KHOLO – 24 JUN 2022 (08H30) The Democratic Congress (DC) Secretary-General, Ts’itso Cheba, has announced the postponement of the Thabana-Morena constituency number 52 rally due to severe rain conditions. The party has further stated that the rally will be held on Monday, 11 July 2022, after being cancelled on 23 June 2022. Meanwhile, the rally scheduled to take place in Lebatoweng in the constituency of Thaba Pechelela will commence today, 24 June 2022.



  • ANTANANARIVO – 23 JUN 2022 (19H00) Minister of Energy and Hydrocarbons, Andry Ramaroson, announced a working visit from India’s Ambassador to Madagascar, Abhay Kumar. Ramaroson stated that during the visit, they discussed avenues of cooperation between India and Madagascar in the field of renewable energy.
  • ANTANANARIVO – 24 JUN 2022 (10H15) Employees at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have declared an indefinite strike effective from today, 24 June 2022. The President of the union of the corps of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Syncormae), Andria Razakandrema, has noted that the union had issued a petition to the Government, however, it was disregarded and will embark on a strike with a minimum service to security and medical evacuation. Meanwhile, the President of the union of civil administrators and a member of the federation of major state bodies, Paolo Raholinarivo, has requested diplomatic agents to provide protocol services on the occasion of the celebration of the 62nd anniversary of Independence Day on 26 June 2022. The unions are demanding the regularization of their representation allowance acquired in 2018, a budget for the revaluation of diplomacy, and the operationalization of a career plan for all staff.


MALAWI – 24 JUN 2022

  • LILONGWE – 23 JUN 2022 (20H10) President Lazarus Chakwera and Vice President Saulos Chilima have attended a Cabinet meeting at the Kamuzu Palace in Lilongwe to discuss economic management issues. State House has issued a statement indicating that the meeting included discussions on economic management issues amid the increasing cost of living and commodities such as fuel, as well as a review of existing and upcoming measures for decreasing public spending in pursuit of the President’s austerity stance. The meeting follows after Chakwera recently announced a decision to withhold delegated duties from Chilima following allegations that the Vice President received funds from businessperson Zuneth Sattar, accused of having bribed 53 public officers to obtain Government contracts.
  • BLANTYRE – 24 JUN 2022 (15H50) The Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) has provided a reason for the system shutdown on 24 June 2022. ESCOM noted that the system shutdown between 09H37 and 10H20 is expected to have followed due to a decrease in solar power generation. Technicians are busy restoring the machines. The Electricity Generation Company (EGENCO) is expected to further investigate the cause of the power outage.



  • MAHECANE – 23 JUN 2022 (19H40) Attack reported in the vicinity of the Mahecane village located between the Ngura and Incole areas near the N380 highway in Mozambique’s Ancuabe District. Local reports indicate that the insurgents have set fire to several houses in the area during an attack that has been ongoing since approximately 18H00 today, 23 June 2022. Community members have fled the village to seek refuge in Muaja, Nanjua, Muaja, and Montepuez due to security concerns. Reports indicate that Defence and Security Forces (FDS) troops have been sighted in the area. The insurgents are allegedly currently occupying the village. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack. However, the Islamic State (IS) terrorist group is known to be active in the region.
  • BEIRA – 24 JUN 2022 (01H00) Mozambican Police have detained five suspects in the city of Beira, Sofala province, on allegations of recruiting members of the public to join terrorist groups active in the Cabo Delgado province. The accused reportedly included three Somalian nationals and two Kenyans. The suspects have been arrested under search, arrest and seizure warrants issued by the Judicial Court of the province after authorities received intelligence regarding a group of foreigners residing in the Ponta Gea neighbourhood. National Criminal Investigation Service (SERNIC) Spokesperson Alfeu Sitoe has stated that the group is allegedly led by a Somali known as Ahmed Agjar. Agjar is currently detained at the 7th Police Station in the city’s Manga neighbourhood on charges of trafficking in persons and narcotics, aiding illegal migration, use and falsification of documents, and terrorism. Sitoe has further stated that the arrest also resulted in the confiscation of four travel documents, 11 passports, four identity cards, and 13 Mozambique asylum application forms. The Spokesperson noted that efforts are underway to verify the authenticity of the seized documents. Police also confiscated illegal narcotics, three machetes, and a vehicle during the arrest. Efforts are underway to assess the degree of involvement of each detainee and their facilitators.


NIGERIA – 24 JUN 2022

  • LAGOS – 24 JUN 2022 (14H10) Managing Director of Nova Merchant Bank Limited, Math Ude, has requested that auditors in the country shift their attention to the auditing of Crypto Currencies and other payment systems. The announcement has been made during a general meeting of the Association of Chief Audit Executive of Banks in Nigeria (ACAEBIN) titled the Future of internal audit in an Increasingly digital world. The request follows due to Crypto Currencies being used to launder money and finance terrorist groups. Audit teams will implement processes, controls and regulations around the recognition, reporting, safeguarding and management of cryptocurrency accounts, account holder information, and transactions. Additionally, the team will monitor for risks of money laundering and the financing of terrorism.
  • OKENE – 24 JUN 2022 (12H30) Attack reported by unknown gunmen at the Okehi Police Area Command. The suspects have attacked the Command at approximately 12H30. Reports indicate that the gunmen fired sporadically at the Police. Additionally, the gunmen used explosives to damage the building. During the incident, the gunmen killed an inspector on duty at the Area Command. The Gunmen fled the scene following the deployment of a detachment of Military troops to reinforce the Area Command. The Commissioner of the Police has ordered the deployment of additional officers from the Police Mobile Force, Counter Terrorism Unit, Quick Response Unit and others to ensure calm in the area. Furthermore, the Commissioner of Police has assigned the Deputy of the State Criminal Investigation Department (SCID) to establish search operations into the incident.


RWANDA – 24 JUN 2022

  • KIGALI – 24 JUN 2022 (17H40) BioNTech has commenced the construction of its first vaccine production facility in Kigali. The opening has been observed by President Paul Kagame, Ghana President Nana Akufo-Addo, African Union Commission Chairperson Moussa Mahamat and others. The facility will operate its African factories on a climate-neutral basis using renewable energy. The factory will supply therapies and vaccines for people residing in member states of the African Union. Furthermore, BioNTech will train approximately 100 members to lead the production and associated laboratories, in addition to Quality Assurance (QA) tasks of the 30,000 square meter facility. The facility will be equipped with two BioNTainers to produce various mRNA-based vaccines. BioNTech is expected to construct two additional factories in Senegal and another in South Africa. Rwanda is set to receive manufacturing BioNTainers by December 2022.


TANZANIA – 24 JUN 2022

  • DODOMA – 24 JUN 2022 (18H00) Tanzania’s Government Negotiation Team (GNT) and International Oil Companies have been provided six months to complete the Host Government Agreement (HGA) negotiations. This follows due to the implementation of the Natural Gas Processing and Recycling Project (LNG) being accelerated following the completion of the HGA negotiations. Furthermore, President Samia Suluhu Hassan issued a six-month notice to proceed with the preparatory steps for Pre front end engineering and design (FEED) and FEED of the project before signing the Final Investment Decision (FID) in 2025. The parties are set to reduce the project’s investment costs before signing the HGA. The project involves the construction and processing of approximately 47 million cubic feet of gas, amounting to Sh70 trillion.


ZAMBIA – 24 JUN 2022

  • LUSAKA – 24 JUN 2022 (04H00) United States (US) Agency for International Development (USAID) Administrator Samantha Power is expected to travel to Zambia and Malawi between 28 June 2022 and 03 July 2022. During the visits, Power is expected to meet Government officials and agribusiness owners to discuss the impact of the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine on food security and nutrition in the region. The Administrators is also expected to reemphasise the US’s support for the region’s democratic advances and the importance of democratic governance, civil society, anti-corruption efforts and independent media. During the visit to Zambia, the Administrator is scheduled to meet with President Hakainde Hichilema and other key Ministers to discuss Zambia’s democratic and economic reform priorities. Thereafter, the Administrator is expected to travel to Malawi to meet with President Lazarus Chakwera to reinforce the US’s support for Malawi’s commitment to democracy and mutual development objectives.


ZIMBABWE – 24 JUN 2022

  • HARARE – 24 JUN 2022 (02H30) The United States (US) Embassy in Harare has announced the appointment of Pamela Tremont as the new Ambassador to Zimbabwe by US President Joe Biden. Tremont replaces previous US Ambassador Brian Nichols following the conclusion of his tenure, having served in the country between 2018 and 2021. Among other roles, Tremont is a career member of the Senior Foreign Service, class of Minister-Counsellor and is currently assigned as the Deputy Chief of Mission at the US Embassy in Stockholm, Sweden.
  • HARARE – 24 JUN 2022 (07H45) Protest expected at the Harare Magistrates Court today, 24 June 2022, from 09H00. The demonstrators will be protesting in solidarity with the ten suspects who were allegedly charged for illegally gathering under the guise of a prayer session. According to reports, the suspects gathered in Harare’s City Centre to lead a demonstration. Members of the public are advised to remain vigilant. Police will be deployed to the scene.
  • HARARE – 24 JUN 2022 (10H00) The Harare City Council (HCC) has appointed a special investigation committee to probe the controversial Pomona waste management deal between the Netherlands-based company Geogenix BV, Delish Nguwaya and the local authorities. The committee is being chaired by Citizens Coalition for Change (CCC) Councillor Ian Makone and has begun conducting investigations into the matter. This follows after a meeting in May 2022, when the council suspended the waste management deal. However, Local Government Minister July Moyo issued a statement to the City of Harare that he had rescinded the 02 June 2022 resolution.
  • HARARE – 24 JUN 2022 (11H15) Protest reported at the Parirenyatwa Group of Hospitals in Harare. The healthcare workers are demonstrating in demand for an increase in salaries and better working conditions. This comes as the workers declared an indefinite strike from Monday, 20 June 2022. The unions have claimed that the Health Minister, Constantino Chiweng, has refused to meet with them after assuming office. Motorists are advised to remain vigilant.



  • REP. CONGO: Protest expected in the vicinity of Kinshasa on Saturday, 25 June 2022, from 10H00, held by members of civil society and activists affiliated with citizen movements.
  • NIGERIA: Protest expected by the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) on Tuesday, 28 June 2022, at the Federal High Court of Abuja.
  • ZAMBIA: United States (US) Agency for International Development (USAID) Administrator Samantha Power is expected to travel to Zambia and Malawi between 28 June 2022 and 03 July 2022.
  • ESWATINI: The Multi-Stakeholder Forum (MSF) is expected to deliver a petition to Prime Minister (PM) Cleopas Dlamini on 29 June 2022.
  • MOZAMBIQUE: Mozambique and Portugal are expected to host their fifth bilateral summit in July 2022.
  • KENYA: Protest expected on Thursday, 07 July 2022, from 10H00 until 15H00 in the Central Business District (CBD) in Nairobi led by Operation Ondoa Panya.
  • ZAMBIA: Zambian Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Stanley Kakubo, has announced that Zambia is expected to host the 4th African Union (AU) Mid-Year Coordinating meeting from 14 July 2022 until 17 July 2022.
  • NIGERIA: Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has announced that the Osun State Local Elections are expected to be held on 16 July 2022.
  • KENYA: Kenya’s Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has announced that general elections are scheduled to be held on 09 August 2022.
  • ANGOLA: Angolan President João Lourenço has declared Wednesday, 24 August 2022, as the date for the fifth general elections to be conducted in the country.
  • RWANDA: Rwanda is scheduled to host the African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) from 05 September 2022 until 09 September 2022.
  • LESOTHO: The Kingdom of Lesotho is scheduled to conduct general elections in October 2022 to elect 120 seats of the National Assembly, the lower house of Parliament.
  • ANGOLA: Energy Capital and Power (ECP) has announced that the 2022 Edition of Angola Oil and Gas (AOG) is expected to be held from 29 November 2022 until 01 December 2022.
  • RWANDA: The Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is expected to host the second Annual International Conference on Public Health in Africa (CPHIA 2022) between 13 December 2022 and 15 December 2022 in Kigali, Rwanda.
  • NIGERIA: The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has announced that Nigeria is expected to conduct elections on 25 February 2023 and 11 March 2023.
  • NIGERIA: The Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources has announced plans for the Sixth Edition of Nigeria’s International Energy Summit (NIES 2023) in Abuja from 16 April 2023 until 20 April 2023.
  • MOZAMBIQUE: Mozambique’s National Elections Commission (CNE) has approved a proposal that schedules 11 October 2023 as the date for the sixth municipal elections across the country.


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June 24
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