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June 1

ANGOLA – 01 JUN 2022

  • LUANDA – 31 MAY 2022 (23H15) The Brazilian Government has announced plans to relaunch a partnership with the Government of Angola. This follows a recent working visit to Angola by the Head of Brazilian diplomacy, Carlos Franca. Franca stated that the Brazilian Government is expected to invest €1,7 billion in several areas, which include Energy for the Agro-industry, pharmaceuticals, construction and tourism.
  • LUANDA – 01 JUN 2022 (06H50) The President of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Félix-Antoine Tshisekedi Tshilombo, was received by the President of Angola, João Lourenço, on Tuesday, 31 May 2022, in Luanda, during an official visit for one-day. During the visit, the Heads of State held a meeting and discussed the situation in eastern DRC within the framework of a mediation led by the Angolan President, the current President of the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR), and a peaceful settlement of the dispute between the DRC and Rwanda. Furthermore, President Tshilombo agreed to release two Rwandan soldiers recently captured on DRC territory at the request of President Lourenço.
  • LUANDA – 01 JUN 2022 (07H15) Angola is expected to participate in the United Nations conference on the environment Stockholm+50 on 02 June 2022 and 03 June 2022 in Stockholm, Sweden. According to a statement released by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Environment (MCTA), the event will provide business leaders with an opportunity to coordinate multilateral environmental action to ensure a better future and a more beneficial planet. The event will be held under the theme of A Healthy Planet for the Prosperity of Total Responsibility, Our Opportunity. The meeting aims to reinforce the global call to action to end poverty, protect the environment and climate and ensure that the world will remain peaceful and prosperous. The conference is organized by the United Nations, with the support of the Government of Kenya.


BOTSWANA – 01 JUN 2022

  • GABORONE – 01 JUN 2022 (15H40) The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has projected Botswana’s economic growth for 2022 to increase to an estimated 4,3% as the country continues to recover from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The announcement follows after the lender recently deployed a delegation to Gaborone, led by the Assistant Director in the IMF African Department and Mission Chief for the Republic of Botswana, Papa N’Diaye, to assess the country’s situation. N’Diaye has issued a statement noting that higher demand and increased prices of diamonds are expected to benefit the nation, while increased food and energy prices are expected to affect fiscal and external balances and threaten food security and energy affordability for vulnerable populations groups. The statement further notes that a successful vaccination campaign, sufficient macroeconomic management, and high demand for diamonds have allowed the economy to increase by 11,4% in 2021. However, an increase in unemployment and poverty in Botswana continues to be a challenge for the country.


DEM. REP. CONGO -01 JUN 2022

  • LUBUMBASHI – 01 JUN 2022 (06H45) The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) is expected to conduct its annual DRC Mining Week exhibition and conference event at the Pullman Grand Karavia centre in Lubumbashi at 14H00 from 01 June 2022 and 03 June 2022. During the event, business leaders will be provided with an opportunity to engage with key stakeholders from the private and public sectors, source new customers and strategise on forthcoming projects. The event will be held under the theme of Collaborating to build a resilient and sustainable mining industry in the DRC. The DRC Minister of Mines, Antoinette N’Samba Kalambayi, and Governor of Haut Katanga Province, Jacques Kyabula Katwe, are expected to participate in the event, along with other 80 other speakers and over 600 executives from 80 mining companies and operators.
  • BUTEMBO – 01 JUN 2022 (08H15) The tenants of pharmaceutical pharmacies, affiliated with the Association of Pharmacy Tenants of Butembo-Lubero (ATEPHALU), have vowed to continue to protest until their demands are met. This comes as the association accused the Prince Pharma group, an Indian company, of distributing out market medication to the local market, which allegedly violates the legal provisions of the country, and seeks the removal of the pharmacy. Meanwhile, the Mayor of Butembo, the Principal Senior Commissioner, Mowa Baeki-Telly Roger, is in an attempt to engage with the ATEPHALU in order to resolve the issue.
  • KINSHASA – 01 JUN 2022 (10H30) The Government has welcomed the calls for mobilization in support of the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (FARDC) and the defence of territorial integrity against attacks by the March 23 Movement (M23) against the Rwandan army. This comes as the residents in Kinshasa and Goma held a demonstration against Rwanda’s alleged support for the M23 rebels. Meanwhile, the Minister of Communication and Media, Patrick Muyaya, has stated that measures have been put in place at the level of the African Union (AU) and the International Conference on the Great Lakes Region (ICGLR) for discussions aimed at resolving the situation.
  • KINSHASA – 01 JUN 2022 (12H10) The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has agreed to release two detained Rwandan Defence Force soldiers. This follows amid efforts to ease increasing tension between the DRC and Rwanda. Angolan authorities made the announcement following recent efforts to mediate between the two countries. Rwanda previously alleged that two soldiers had been abducted during a patrol in the country’s border region with the DRC following the recent conflict in the area. However, Kinshasa stated that the two soldiers had been captured and detained for trespassing in DRC territory.
  • BUKAVU – 01 JUN 2022 (16H30) UPDATE A large group of demonstrators have crossed the Pont Ruzizi II border point between the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Rwanda in Bukavu. The protestors are demonstrating on the Rwandan side of the border to denounce the recent armed unrest experienced in the Nyiragongo and Rutshuru territories, alleging an invasion of the DRC by Rwandan forces. Members of the public are advised to avoid the area. (15H10) Peaceful protest reported at the Seat of the Provincial Government in the commune of Ibanda, Bukavu, South Kivu province. Civil Society group members have held a march from the Place Munzihirwa to the Provincial Government building in support of the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (FARDC). This follows amid recent tensions between the FARDC and Rwanda’s Defence Forces. Motorists are advised to remain vigilant when travelling in the area as ground travel disruptions are expected.
  • BUKAVU – 01 JUN 2022 (17H00) The United Nations (UN), Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for the Great Lakes Region, Huang Xia, is expected to embark on a regional tour to prepare for the upcoming Nairobi Conclave. The tour is set to focus on the crisis between the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Rwanda. Xia is set to initiate available bilateral and regional mechanisms, including the Nairobi Conclave process, the International Conference for the Great Lakes Region and the Addis Ababa Framework Agreement.
  • KABAYA – 01 JUN 2022 (17H00) The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) Mine Action Synergy (SYLAM) group has issued a warning of the possible presence of explosive devices in the territories of Nyiragongo and Rutshuru in the North Kivu province. This follows a recent armed conflict between the Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC) and members of the March 23 Movement (M23) rebel group in the area. SYLAM has stated that rockets have been discovered near the health centre in Kabaya in the Rutshuru territory. Various explosive devices have also been discovered in conflict zones within the areas of Bunagana, Tchanzu, Jomba, Rumangabo and Kibumba. SYLAM Coordinator Marion Ngavho has called for demining activities to be launched to ensure the population’s safety in the region.


ESWATINI – 01 JUN 2022

  • MBABANE – 31 MAY 2022 (19H10) Tourism Minister Moses Vilakati has announced that the eSwatini Government is expediting efforts to address issues of environmental protection and climate change. The Minister made the announcement during a ceremony to commission the 2022/2023 Environmental Fund programme. During the commissioning ceremony, six community projects have been awarded grants amounting to E1,135,930 to carry out environmental assignments funded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). Vilakati has noted that the projects are expected to ensure environmental protection while improving the local economy and establishing sustainable employment across the country.
  • MBABANE – 01 JUN 2022 (12H30) Protest reported outside the Ministry of Public Service in Mbabane. The Public Sector Association (PSA) workers are demonstrating against the Government’s postponement following discussions against several grievances, including the Joint Negotiation Forum (JNF) agenda for the 2022/2023 Financial Year, which the association has rejected. The workers will be delivering a petition to the Ministry over their salary reviews for the 2021/2022 financial year, among others. Members of the public are advised to remain vigilant.
  • MBABANE – 01 JUN 2022 (12H40) Protest reported in the vicinity of Mbabane. The Limkokwing University of Technology (LUCT) students are currently marching to the Ministry of Labour’s offices in demand of their pending allowances. According to the students, their allowances should have been disbursed by 31 May 2022. Motorists are advised to remain vigilant.



  • ADDIS ABABA – 01 JUN 2022 (13H40) The Government of Israel and The Jewish Agency have announced that a flight of more than 100 Ethiopian immigrants are scheduled to arrive in Israel later today, 01 June 2022. The El Al flight chartered by the Jewish Agency for Israel forms part of Operation Zur Israel, which aims to reunite an estimated 3,000 Ethiopians with relatives residing in Israel. The first aircraft transporting 180 people are set to arrive at the Ben Gurion Airport at 14H00 today, 01 June 2022. An additional 160 people are also scheduled to arrive on Thursday, 02 June 2022. High-level Israeli dignitaries are scheduled to attend an event to officially receive the immigrants, including Aliyah and Integration Minister Pnina Tamano-Shata, as well as Chairman of the World Zionist Organization (WZO) and Acting Chairman of The Jewish Agency, Yaakov Hagoel.


GHANA – 01 JUN 2022

  • ACCRA – 01 JUN 2022 (11H30) Protest expected in the vicinity of Accra on 04 June 2022. The demonstrators have released a statement to intend to embark on a three-day demonstration from 04 June 2022. The demonstrators led by Okatakyie Afrifa Mensah, Captain Godsbrain Smart, Benjamin Darko and Oliver Barker Vormawor will take place outside the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC) and the Ghana Police Headquarters. The demonstrators will be demanding to address the nation on the live broadcasting television network and express their grievances over the Government and President Nana Akufo-Addo. The Police will be deployed to the scene. Members of the public are advised to avoid the affected areas.


KENYA – 01 JUN 2022

  • NAIROBI – 31 MAY 2022 (19H00) The National Cohesion and Integration Commission (NCIC) has issued a report indicating that six counties in Kenya are likely to experience poll-related unrest during the country’s upcoming elections. The NCIC has stated that Kenya’s national electoral violence index for 2022 is set at 53,43%, with 31 counties expected to have peaceful elections. The briefing follows a study conducted by the Commission integrating real-time status reports, conflict context, and environmental scans across Kenya’s 47 counties. The NCIC has mapped six counties for possible poll unrest based on several factors, including ethnic inequality, rivalry over scarce resources, and the presence of organized criminal gangs, among others. The six counties include Nakuru, Nairobi, Uasin Gishu, Mombasa and Kericho. Counties classified as medium-high risk include Narok Marsabit, Laikipia, Lamu, Baring, Isiolo, Meru, Nandi, Samburu, and Bomet. In a bid to prevent unrest, the NCIC recommends multi-sectoral collaboration among agencies, democracy protection, inclusion and transparency, in addition to sensitive reporting.
  • NAIROBI – 31 MAY 2022 (20H25) The Azimio Presidential Aspirant Raila Odinga has announced that he is expected to launch his manifesto on Monday, 06 June 2022. This is set to follow a meeting with the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) expected to be held on Sunday, 05 June 2022. The announcement has been made during a meeting with the European Business Council (EBC). The manifesto is expected to include his agenda during Odinga’s first 100 days in office. Odinga is set to establish an enabling environment to increase investment opportunities in the country.
  • NAIROBI – 31 MAY 2022 (20H55) The United States (US) and Kenyan Law Enforcement officials have announced the arrest of Badru Abdul Aziz Saleh on Tuesday, 31 May 2022. This follows after the US embassy offered an SH100 million bounty for information leading to the arrest of two suspected poachers and narcotics traffickers on 26 May 2022. Saleh has been arrested at Liboi in Garissa County as he allegedly attempted to escape by crossing over to Somalia. Furthermore, Saleh has been delivered to the Anti-Terror Police Unit (ATPU) Headquarters for questioning. The ATPU is expected to interrogate Saleh over the whereabouts of his accomplice, Abdi Hussein Ahmed. No details leading to Saleh’s capture have been provided, and no confirmation has been provided as to who is set to receive the bounty.
  • NAIROBI – 01 JUN 2022 (14H10) UPDATE President Uhuru Kenyatta has announced a decision to pardon 3,908 inmates as part of the commemoration of Madaraka Day during an ongoing event at the Uhuru Gardens in Nairobi. The event is also being attended by Deputy President William Ruto. (06H30) Kenya is scheduled to observe Madaraka Day as a national holiday, which is observed today, 01 June 2022. Madaraka Day is a national holiday that commemorates the day in 1963 when Kenya attained internal self-rule after being a British colony in the year of 1963. Madaraka Day is recognized in Article 8 of the 2010 constitution of Kenya as a national holiday.
  • NAIROBI – 01 JUN 2022 (17H35) The Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) has requested the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) bar 241 aspirants from the 09 August 2022 elections. The request to the IEBC has been made due to graft-related reasons. Furthermore, the request followed an integrity verification process by the Commission of approximately 21,863 candidates seeking various political positions. The aspirants who the EACC requested to be barred include Justus Juma, Presidential aspirant Mwangi Wa Iria, former Nairobi Governor Evans Kidero and others. The IEBC is expected to release their findings to the public and aspirants.


LESOTHO – 01 JUN 2022

  • MAZENOD – 31 MAY 2022 (19H00) The Lesotho Defence Force (LDF) has received a contingent force that had previously been deployed for nine months under the Southern African Development Community (SADC) Mission in Mozambique (SAMIM) as part of efforts to address terrorism in the northern region of Mozambique. The initial consignment of 41 soldiers recently arrived at the Moshoeshoe I International Airport, received by National Security and Defence Minister Halebonoe Setṧabi and the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Office, Likopo Mahase. The soldiers have since reportedly been transported to an undisclosed location to undergo medical assessment and counselling before reintegration.



  • ANTANANARIVO – 01 JUN 2022 (09H00) The Government of Madagascar has issued a 72-hour ultimatum to teacher unions to resume services at all higher education institutions. This follows after the Union of Teachers and Researchers (SECES) embarked on a strike to oppose a high court decision concerning the autonomy of universities in the country. The leaders of the teacher unions in Madagascar have further decided to continue to protest until the Government resolves the situation.
  • ANTANANARIVO – 01 JUN 2022 (12H00) The Prime Minister, Christian Ntsay, has held a meeting with oil company leaders and authorities in Madagascar on Tuesday, 31 May 2022, at the palace of Mahazoarivo. The Minister of Energy and Hydrocarbons, Andry Ramaroson, the Minister of Economy and Finance, Rindra Rabarinirinarison, and the Director-General of the Malagasy Office of Hydrocarbons (OMH), Olivier Jean-Baptiste, among others, participated in the meeting. The Ministry of Energy and Hydrocarbons has stated that proposals were suggested and put in place to present in the next Council of Ministers. Meanwhile, the oil companies and technical and financial partners are scheduled to meet with the Head of State, Andry Rajoelina, in view of the increase in oil tariffs at international levels.


MALAWI – 01 JUN 2022

  • LILONGWE – 01 JUN 2022 (11H00) President Lazarus Chakwera has announced expenditure measures that Government Ministries, Agencies and Departments (MDAs) should follow. These measures include restrictions on foreign trips for all Government officials for the period between June 2022 and December 2022. The decision comes as a result of the current situation following the devaluation of the Kwacha, which was meant to improve dollar inflow to restore the economy. Other measures include reducing 20% of fuel allocated to Ministers, a reduction to three international trips by Government officials for the remainder of 2022, and restricting four meetings per year for all boards of Government institutions. Chakwera also noted that all Government-owned vehicles would not be allowed to be operating after 18H00. These measures have been put in place with immediate effect.
  • MZUZU – 01 JUN 2022 (15H15) Mzuzu Urban Health Clinical Manager of Dermeto-Venereology Dermatology clinic, Phillip Maunda, has confirmed 18 registered cases of leprosy being managed at the Mzuzu Central Hospital. The cases have originated from various districts, including the Mphetembe and Mzuzu areas. Leprosy is a chronic infectious disease caused by a bacillus, Mycobacterium leprae. Furthermore, the area affected by leprosy is identified by the loss of sensation and change in colour. Additionally, the symptoms are set to occur within a year or a 20 year time period. Maunda noted sensitisation and awareness campaigns are expected to be delayed due to logistical challenges. The National Health workers are expected to receive orientation in leprosy following the confirmed cases.



  • MAPUTO – 01 JUN 2022 (01H20) President of the Republic, Filipe Nyusi, announced that he is expected to depart on a three-day working visit to the Republic of Equatorial Guinea from 01 June 2022 until 03 June 2022. Nyusi stated that the official visit is aimed at strengthening existing ties of solidarity, political, economic, social and cultural cooperation between the two countries.
  • MAPUTO – 01 JUN 2022 (06H35) The Mozambican Government has announced the launch of the operations of several new toll gates from today, 01 June 2022. The toll gates along the national roads, built under the Self-Sustained Road Maintenance Program, will open on Wednesday, 08 June 2022. The tolls along the National Road Number 1 include Chidenguele in Gaza province and Nhacundela, Malova, and Mapinhane in Inhambane province. The Camuaza toll in Manica province is on National Road Number 7, and the Congerenge and Utukulo tolls in Niassa are on National Road Number 1. The National Administration of Roads and the Road Fund has stated that toll fees will vary from MT50 to MT1000.
  • MAPUTO – 01 JUN 2022 (08H30) President Filipe Nyusi has announced the appointment of Bernardo Tshombe Constantino Lidimba to the post of Director-General of the State Intelligence and Security Service (SISE). This follows after the dismissal of Júlio dos Santos Jane, the former Deputy Director-General of SISE, on Tuesday, 31 May 2022. Lidimba served as Head of State Protocol between 2016 and 2018 and was appointed the High Commissioner to Kenya until 2020. Nyusi has also appointed Joia Haquirene as the Deputy Director-General of SISE.


NIGERIA – 01 JUN 2022

  • ABUJA – 01 JUN 2022 (00H20) President Muhammadu Buhari announced his arrival in Madrid, Spain, for an expected three-day working visit. Buhari stated that during the visit, bilateral agreements between the two countries are expected to be signed, which include cooperation on energy, trade and investment, transportation, public health and sports development. Buhari further stated that he is expected to attend the Investment Forum, where he is expected to elaborate on investment opportunities in Nigeria.
  • LAGOS – 01 JUN 2022 (06H15) Commercial Motorcycle operators, popularly known as Okada, have announced a planned mass protest in Lagos State from today, 01 June 2022, against the Government’s decision to ban Okada operations in six Local Government Areas (LGA). The Government has banned the Okada operations in Eti-Osa, Ikeja, Surulere, Lagos Island, Lagos Mainland, and Apapa and also extended to all the Local Council Development Areas under the listed councils as well as all major roads, highways and bridges. The Okada riders have declared a halt to all commercial activities in the Lagos State. Motorists are advised to use an alternative route. Security operatives have been deployed to the vicinity of Lagos.
  • AMUDA – 01 JUN 2022 (12H00) Protest reported by Youth members in the vicinity of the Isuochi. The members are allegedly protesting due to the increased kidnappings in the area. Additionally, the members are protesting the Nigerian Armed Forces’ involvement in the kidnappings. This follows after various members, including the Head of the Methodist Church Nigeria, Samuel Kanu, stated that Soldiers have been present at the kidnappers’ den. The Youth members have requested the dismantling of the army checkpoint at Lomara Junction. The public is advised to avoid the area during the demonstrations.
  • ABUJA – 01 JUN 2022 (14H30) The Ministry of Transportation has established an Anti-Okada Squad (AOS) to enforce the ban set on Okada drivers from 01 June 2022. Approximately 600 recruited members of the AOS have attended the orientation exercise at the Adeyemi Bero Auditorium. The AOS is expected to be assisted by armed members of the Nigerian Police Force, The Nigerian Armed Forces and other security agencies. The Ministry noted that impounded Okada’s is set to be transferred to the crushing plant. Furthermore, the suspects are expected to be prosecuted following the reviewed state traffic laws.
  • ISUOCHI – 01 JUN 2022 (17H20) Isuochi community members residing in the Umunneochi Local Government Area (LGA) of Abia State have issued a seven-day ultimatum to the Federal and Abia State Governments to relocate the Garki cattle market and remove all Military checkpoints in the area. This follows after community members launched a protest action today, 01 June 2022, against continued kidnappings by a criminal group suspected to be herdsmen active in the area. This follows the recent abduction of the Prelate, Methodist Church Nigeria, His Eminence Samuel Uche and two other clerics and their subsequent release following the payment of an N100 million ransom. Residents have also accused the Military of failing to address the insecurity situation. The community is also demanding the immediate reopening of the Ihube/Isuochi road.


RWANDA – 01 JUN 2022

  • KIGALI – 01 JUN 2022 (13H30) The Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI) in Britain has announced that 15 Syrian asylum-seekers are expected to be deported to Rwanda by the United Kingdom (UK) Government in June 2022. This follows after Home Secretary Priti Patel recently confirmed that the first flight to Rwanda under the offshore processing plans is scheduled to depart the UK on 14 June 2022. Britain aims to relocate asylum seekers to Rwanda as part of a policy that seeks to cease smuggling networks and prevent the movement of migrants across the Channel.



  • DAR ES SALAAM – 31 MAY 2022 (20H40) Tanzania has announced that they are transporting coal to additional countries after signing a one-year contract with Ruvuma Coal Limited and Kenexon Company. This follows as Tanzania has approximately 540 million tonnes of reserved coal. The company noted that they are selling coal to India, China, Senegal, Egypt and Europe. Mtwara Branch Manager for Ruvuma Coal Limited, Saidi Gadafi, noted that they have transported approximately 300,000 tonnes of coal via the Southern Cross since the two firms signed the agreement in November 2022. Gadafi noted that the company is set to hold discussions with various companies to increase business opportunities.
  • DAR ES SALAAM – 01 JUN 2022 (06H00) The Tanzanian Government has announced the implementation of several measures in response to recent increasing prices in Tanzania, including a fuel subsidy with effect from today, 01 June 2022. The Government also plans to improve the country’s oil and gas sector in a bid to counter the effects of the increased prices. The Government has noted that plans are underway to commence the construction of oil expert facilities. This includes the construction of an onshore liquefied natural gas (LNG) plant in the southeastern town of Lindi. The facility is expected to create several employment opportunities in the area.


ZAMBIA – 01 JUN 2022

  • LUSAKA – 01 JUN 2022 (03H45) President Hakainde Hichilema announced his telephonic meeting with President Xi Jinping. Hichilema stated that during the meeting, ways to strengthen bilateral ties between the two were discussed. Hichilema stated that the revival of bilateral ties enables the Zambian Government to settle the external debt.
  • LUSAKA – 01 JUN 2022 (13H20) The Zambian Immigration Department has announced the arrest of 436 illegal foreign nationals from various African nationalities for failing to present valid residential documentation in Lusaka. This has been condemned by United Party for National Development (UPND) Spokesperson Joseph Kalimbwe, citing that authorities are targeting African nationals while disregarding the presence of illegal foreigners from other countries outside Africa. This follows after Zambian Police recently uncovered a crime syndicate in which two Chinese nationals allegedly hired two South Africans and a Ugandan national to murder their Chinese associate situated in Chingola. Kalimbwe has called on law enforcement entities to uphold the values of late founding President Kenneth Kaunda through continued transparency and justice.
  • LUSAKA – 01 JUN 2022 (14H40) President Lazarus Chakwera has announced the appointment of Colleen Zamba to the position of Secretary to the President and Cabinet. Zamba is set to replace Zanga-Zanga Chikhosi, who had been appointed as Secretary to President and Cabinet briefly after Chakwera was elected as President during the 2020 Presidential Elections. Zamba, who had previously been serving as Head of the Presidential Delivery Unit (DPU), is set to take up the role with immediate effect, while Chikhosi is expected to be transferred to an undisclosed department within Government.
  • LUSAKA – 01 JUN 2022 (16H15) The United Arab Emirates (UAE) Blue Star Resources (BSR) Limited (Ltd) is expected to invest approximately $300 million into the Copper and Cobalt processing plant in Mufulira. The Blue Star Company, in cooperation with Nature Mining Resources (NMR), is set to be the project executors in Mufulira. The investment is expected to provide $2.5 million to the three constituencies in the Mufulira District under the Corporate Social Responsibility Program (CSRP). The CSRP is expected to provide various skills training, development programs and empowerment projects to the communities. Furthermore, BSR is set to establish a plant in Mufulira to extract cobalt and copper concentrates at the rich copper slug dumpsite. BSRltd is set to produce approximately 300 pensionable job opportunities. Additionally, BSR is expected to conduct feasibility studies into the processing of smelter slag generated by the MCM Mufulira.


ZIMBABWE – 01 JUN 2022

  • HWANGE – 01 JUN 2022 (00H55) The Hwange Electricity Supply Company has announced the expected plans to construct a 600 megawatt (MW) extension to Hwange Thermal Power Project. This follows after the Cabinet has approved long-term contracts with coal suppliers enabling Hwange to get the long-term bank financing needed to expand operations. Hwange stated that the expansion is expected to contribute to the growth of the agricultural, industrial, manufacturing and mining sectors. Hwange stated that the board is currently in discussion on when the construction is expected to commence.
  • HARARE – 01 JUN 2022 (06H20) The Zimbabwe African National Union-Patriotic Front (ZANU PF) is expected to host its Politburo meeting today, 01 June 2022, at the ZANU PF headquarters in Harare. Secretary for Administration Obert Mpofu noted that members are expected to be seated at 09H45 for 10H00. During the meeting, the members are set to discuss the ZANU PFs business opportunities and issues affecting the general public. Furthermore, the meeting is set to prepare for the elective Women’s Conference in June 2022.



  • MOZAMBIQUE: President of the Republic Filipe Nyusi is expected to launch the 8th Edition of the Mining, Oil, Gas and Energy of Mozambique event from 02 June 2022 until 03 June 2022 at the Joaquim Chissano Conference Centre in Maputo.
  • RWANDA: Rwanda is set to host the HealthTech Summit for Africa, scheduled to be held from 02 June 2022 to 04 June 2022, coordinated by the HealthTech Hub Africa.
  • GHANA: Protest expected in the vicinity of Accra on 04 June 2022.
  • ANGOLA: President Joao Lourenco announced that the fourth ordinary meeting is expected to be held on Friday, 03 June 2022, at 09H00, at the Presidential Palace, for consultation on the date of the General Elections.
  • KENYA: The Azimio Presidential Aspirant Raila Odinga has announced that he is expected to launch his manifesto on Monday, 06 June 2022.
  • RWANDA: The International Telecommunication Union, through its Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT), has scheduled to convene a World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC), scheduled to be held in Kigali, Rwanda, from 06 June 2022 to 16 June 2022.
  • NIGERIA: The Lagos State Government is scheduled to host the maiden edition of the National Transport Technology Conference and Exhibition (NTTCE) between 07 June 2022 and 08 June 2022 at Eko Hotels and Suites.
  • RWANDA: Rwandan President Paul Kagame and Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland have announced the week of 20 June 2022 as the date for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) to be held in Kigali, Rwanda.
  • ZAMBIA: Zambian Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Stanley Kakubo, has announced that Zambia is expected to host the 4th Africa Union (AU) Mid-Year Coordinating meeting from 14 July 2022 until 17 July 2022.
  • MALAWI: President Lazarus Chakwera is expected to address Malawians on the second anniversary of his election, 23 June 2022.
  • KENYA: Kenya’s Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has announced that general elections are scheduled to be held on 09 August 2022.
  • RWANDA: Rwanda is scheduled to host the African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) from 05 September 2022 until 09 September 2022.
  • LESOTHO: The Kingdom of Lesotho is scheduled to conduct general elections in October 2022 to elect 120 seats of the National Assembly, the lower house of Parliament.
  • ANGOLA: Energy Capital and Power (ECP) has announced that the 2022 Edition of Angola Oil and Gas (AOG) is expected to be held from 29 November 2022 until 01 December 2022.
  • RWANDA: The Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is expected to host the second Annual International Conference on Public Health in Africa (CPHIA 2022) between 13 December 2022 and 15 December 2022 in Kigali, Rwanda.
  • NIGERIA: The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has announced that Nigeria is expected to conduct elections on 25 February 2023 and 11 March 2023.
  • NIGERIA: The Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources has announced plans for the Sixth Edition of Nigeria’s International Energy Summit (NIES 2023) in Abuja from 16 April 2023 until 20 April 2023.
  • MOZAMBIQUE: Mozambique’s National Elections Commission (CNE) has approved a proposal that schedules 11 October 2023 as the date for the sixth municipal elections across the country.


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