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May 4

ANGOLA – 04 MAY 2022

  • UÍGE – 03 MAY 2022 (19H30) Angola’s Transportes Aéreos de Angola (TAAG) national airline has announced plans to launch regularly scheduled passenger flights between the provinces of Uíge and Cabinda. Uíge Governor José Carvalho da Rocha made the request upon recently receiving a delegation on the maiden flight of TAAG’s Luanda to Uíge route. Governor da Rocha has stated that a Luanda-Uíge-Cabinda triangular flight is expected to facilitate trade and improve the diversification of the economy in the involved regions. Civil Aviation Secretary of State Carlos Borges has reiterated the request, stating that the route is set to strengthen the economic and social relationship of the regions, as well as increase mobility.
  • LUANDA – 04 MAY 2022 (07H40) The United States (US) Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman is expected to visit Angola today, 04 May 2022, and Thursday, 05 May 2022, as part of a four-nation tour. Sherman will be received by President João Lourenço and will meet with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Tete Antonio, and other senior officials to discuss common interests, including regional security and defence cooperation, economic prosperity, good governance and support for the COVID-19 vaccination effort. During the meetings, discussions will also address economic and climate-related challenges in the Atlantic Basin. Sherman will also present the International Women of Courage Award during a meeting with women leaders who promote human rights for marginalised communities.
  • LUANDA – 04 MAY 2022 (08H00) The Russian Ambassador to the Republic of Congo, Augusto da Silva Cunha, has announced the launch of the Russian-Angolan satellite Angosat-2 launch has been put on halt due to sanctions against Russia, which was scheduled for March 2022. Cunha has stated that some parts of the satellite were supposed to be manufactured by the French company Airbus, but it refused to supply the parts and transfer the technical documentation to Russia. Cunha claimed that Airbus used the sanctions as a pretext for breaching the contract and stressed that the contract was concluded before the sanctions were imposed. Meanwhile, the launch of the Russian-Angolan satellite Angosat-2 has been postponed to September 2022.
  • LUANDA – 04 MAY 2022 (08H40) The European Union (EU) has selected Angola to supply it with Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in order to reduce its dependence on Russia. This comes as the EU seeks to deepen cooperation with African countries such as Angola, Nigeria, Equatorial Guinea and Senegal, with the aim of increasing the purchase of LNG to stabilise its needs. In addition, the EU is preparing to buy around 10 million tonnes of hydrogen from Africa by 2030.
  • LUANDA – 04 MAY 2022 (11H45) The Angolan Government announced that they are expected to continue with the Angolan Power Sector Development Program. The program entails the supply, construction and testing of a hybrid photovoltaic (PV) generation system and the expansion of the electricity grid for 60 communities in Malanje, Bié, Moxico, Lunda Norte and Lunda Sul. The contract is expected to be carried out by a consortium of Germany and Angola. The program aims to reduce poverty by increasing social services.


BOTSWANA – 04 MAY 2022

  • SELEBI PHIKWE – 04 MAY 2022 (15H45) Botswana Mine Workers Union (BMWU) President Joseph Tsimako has called on the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Premium Nickel Resources Botswana (PNRB), Montwedi Mphathi, to implement urgent reforms within the PNRB company. Tsimako demanded that mineworkers from Bamangwato Concessions Limited (BCL) be prioritised during the employment process of new workers for PNRB. This follows after the liquidation of BCL in 2016, during which Mphathi had been employed as the General Manager.


DEM. REP. CONGO -04 MAY 2022

  • RUTSHURU – 04 MAY 2022 (10H00) The Commander of Sokola 2 operations, General Peter Chirimwami, has announced a gradual return of populations in the territory of Rutshuru in North Kivu. This comes after the M23 rebellion group withdrew from Tshanzu and Runyoni. This announcement comes after Chirimwami held a visit to Rwanguba, Tchengerero, Gisiza and Kamira on Monday, 02 May 2022.
  • MANONO – 04 MAY 2022 (10H45) AVZ Minerals Limited, a mineral exploration company, has been awarded a Ministerial Decree by the Minister of Mines for a permit operating for its Manono Lithium and Tin Project in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC). The Mining Licence to Dathcom Mining SA, in which AVZ holds a 75% interest, will be with the Cadastre Minier (CAMI), which operates under the supervision of the Minister of Mines. In accordance with DRC Mining Code, CAMI is required to calculate the surface rights fees payable by Dathcom and provide the Mining Licence following receipt of the payment. The licence will cover the entirety of the Roche Dure JORC Mineral Resource and the Carriere de l’Este exploration target. Furthermore, AVZ has noted that it retains legal title to a 75% interest in the Manono Project and is progressing in the sale of an indirect 24% project interest to Suzhou CATH Energy Technologies under a varied Transaction Implementation Agreement (TIA) which is due in May 2022.
  • KINSHASA – 04 MAY 2022 (11H00) The Minister of Hydrocarbons, Didier Budimbu, has announced the launch of calls for tenders for oil blocks from 28 July 2022 to 29 July 2022 in Kinshasa. Budimbu has stated that the launch will be the first phase of the calls for tenders for 16 oil blocks out of the 32 that the country has, including 13 onshore and three offshore located in the Graben Tanganyika, in the central basin and the coastal basin. This comes as the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) contains oil resources estimated at around 22 billion barrels of oil and 66 billion cubic meters of methane gas in Lake Kivu.
  • KINSAGANI – 04 MAY 2022 (12H25) The Chinese construction company Société Zhengwei Technique Congo (SZTC) announced that they are expected to commence the rehabilitation program of Kisangani Airport in late May 2022. SZTC stated that the control tower’s rehabilitation and installation of new air navigation and telecommunications systems are expected to be executed during the program. SZTC stated that the rehabilitation program is expected to end in December 2022.


ESWATINI – 04 MAY 2022

  • NHLANGANO – 04 MAY 2022 (13H10) A heightened security presence has been reported at Phola in Nhlangano. This comes as textile workers in eSwatini vowed to continue to protest in demand for a salary increase of about E15 per hour. According to sources, the workers declared not to return to work until their demands were met. Members of the public are advised to remain vigilant.



  • ADDIS ABABA – 03 MAY 2022 (19H10) Ethiopian officials have confirmed the arrests of 76 suspects on allegations of inciting public violence following unrest that erupted in Addis Ababa during recent Eid al-Fitr prayers. The unrest on Monday, 02 May 2022, follows increasing tensions between the country’s Christian and Muslim groups in various areas of Ethiopia. This comes after at least 21 Muslims had been killed on 26 April 2022 in northern Gondar city. A nighttime curfew has since been imposed in Gondar to prevent an escalation of the insecurity situation. Following the incident, several Christian places of worship have allegedly been vandalised and set alight. Ethiopia’s security task force has stated that several individuals have been arrested for causing unrest during Eid al-Fitr prayers that led to damages to property and injuries to security forces, with 76 suspects currently under custody. Addis Ababa Police Spokesperson Markos Tadesse has stated that investigations into the cause of the clashes are ongoing.
  • ADDIS ABABA – 04 MAY 2022 (08H15) Ethiopian Authorities have reportedly stopped international cyber-attack attempts targeting the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) and other financial institutions in the country. The Director-General of Ethiopian Information Network Security Agency (INSA), Shumete Gizaw, has stated that the attempted cyber-attacks include attempts to impede the works of the GERD by targeting 37,000 interlinked computers used by financial institutions. Shumete alleged that an organisation sponsored by countries that have declared cyber-war against Addis Ababa used a Black Pyramid War scheme.


GHANA – 04 MAY 2022

  • ACCRA – 04 MAY 2022 (06H00) The Ministry of Information has announced that Minister Kojo Oppong Nkrumah is scheduled to launch a Minister’s Press Briefing at 10H00 today, 04 May 2022. Minister Nkrumah is expected to be accompanied by Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation Minister Kwaku Afriyie during the event. The briefing is expected to be live-streamed on local media outlets across the country.


KENYA -04 MAY 2022

  • MAJENGO – 03 MAY 2022 (20H00) Lamu County authorities have announced plans to resume the construction of the Lamu-Ijara-Garissa Lapsset corridor access road within the following week. This follows after the construction of the 257 kilometres (km) road had been halted on 11 March 2022 after armed Al-Shabaab militants ambushed a site in the Majengo area of the Boni forest, killing five construction workers and injuring three others. The militants also set fire to several construction vehicles and other equipment used by the workers. The incident led the contractor, China Communications Construction Company (CCCC), and its staff members to vacate the site due to safety concerns. Lamu County Commissioner Irungu Macharia has stated that adequate resources have been mobilised to the area to restore security.
  • NAIROBI – 04 MAY 2022 (15H00) The Kenyan Red Cross Society is co-hosting a two-day meeting between the Red Cross Red Crescent Societies from East Africa, Horn of Africa and Indian Ocean Islands regions. The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies President Francesco Rocca, Secretary-General Jagan Chapagain, and several other National Societies from various continents are in attendance. The meeting aims to strengthen the collaboration among Red Cross Red Crescent National Societies in the region and to discuss ways to effectively address the various humanitarian challenges being experienced by the involved communities.
  • WIKILILYE – 04 MAY 2022 (15H00) Protest reported at the Yumbisye Secondary School in Wikililye, Kenya’s Kitui County. Parents of learners at the school are protesting to demand the removal of the current Principal due to his alleged inadequate performance. This follows after several students at the school recently received poor results in the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE). Demonstrators are carrying placards and marching in the vicinity of the school grounds. Motorists are advised to remain vigilant when travelling in the area. Authorities are aware of the situation.
  • NAIROBI – 04 MAY 2022 (18H00) The Kenyan and Ethiopian Joint Technical Boundary Committee (JTBC) Meeting has commenced in Nairobi today, 04 May 2022. The Ethiopian technical delegation is led by Wuhib Muluneh, Advisor of International Boundaries at Ethiopia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The Kenyan team is led by John Mugendi, Deputy Director of the Kenya International Boundaries Office (KIBO), in the President’s Office of Kenya. During opening remarks, Ethiopian Ambassador Meles Alem called upon the two countries to allocate the necessary financial, technical and logistical resources to ensure a conducive foundation for the implementation of activities regarding the maintenance of the boundary. During the following two days, the JTBC meeting is set to review the 2019 Mombasa Report (JTBC) on inspection and maintenance work, in addition to discussing the security situation and sensitisation along the border area between Ethiopia and Kenya.


LESOTHO – 04 MAY 2022

  • MASERU – 04 MAY 2022 (10H20) The Ministry of Home Affairs has intercepted several Chinese Nationals who attempted to illegally trespass into Lesotho. The Ministry has indicated that the Chinese nationals had used fraudulent permits at the ports of entry into Lesotho, including at the Moshoeshoe I International Airport. This comes as the Government is implementing further strategies in Lesotho to avoid human trafficking and illegal entry into Lesotho.



  • ANTANANARIVO – 04 MAY 2022 (12H40) A state-owned electric utility and water services company, Jirama, has announced the planned implementation of load reduction in Antananarivo, and surrounding areas, scheduled from today, 04 May 2022, at 18H00. This is due to a technical fault in the supply of electricity at the electrical substation in Antananarivo that supplies electricity to the Antananarivo Interconnected Network (RIA). Technicians have been dispatched to the site to repair the damages at the substation. Relevant updates will be provided as the situation progresses.


MALAWI – 04 MAY 2022

  • LILONGWE – 03 MAY 2022 (20H30) The Malawi Congress of Trade Union (MCTU) has called on the Government to subsidise essential products and increase the minimum wage as part of efforts to alleviate the effects of the high cost of living in the country. MCTU President Charles Kumchenga has alleged that the majority of employees in the country lack sufficient disposable income due to the increasing cost of goods. Kumchenga has called on President Lazarus Chakwera’s Administration to subsidise essential goods to allow a reduction in the prices of goods and services, consider reducing the Pay As You Earn (PAYE), increase the minimum wage, and review labour laws. This follows as International Labour Organisation Country Representative in Malawi, Patience Matandiko, also recently urged the Malawian Government to institute and implement a comprehensive recovery plan to reduce the social-economic difficulties that the country is experiencing.
  • THYOLO – 04 MAY 2022 (12H30) The Electricity Supply Corporation of Malawi (ESCOM) has announced the disruption of electricity supply due to a fault at the Thyolo Substation. The company has stated that the fault is due to a transmission line at the substation. The affected areas include the Malamulo waterboard and Nchenga trading centre. Technicians have been dispatched to the site to assess and restore the supply of electricity in the area.



  • MECUFI – 03 MAY 2022 (19H40) Eni Rovuma Basin, on behalf of Area 4 Partners, has signed a cooperation agreement with the Cabo Delgado Government for the implementation of an integrated environmental resilience project aimed at strengthening efforts toward the mitigation of climate change. This project includes the development of a sustainable agriculture program and access to water and sanitation to be implemented in the Mecufi district. The restoration and conservation program is expected to include the replanting of mangrove seedlings in the Zaulane A, Muaria and Muinde Localities to cover an area of approximately 10 hectares along the coast of Mecufi, among other economic diversification activities. In addition, six water wells are expected to be established and two others rehabilitated in the villages of Muária, Sambene and Natuco to increase water access and improve hygiene and sanitation. The project forms part of the Sustainability Plan of the Coral South project of Area 4, to be implemented by Universidade Lúrio.
  • MAPUTO – 04 MAY 2022 (15H50) The Ministry of Economy and Finance has issued a statement noting irregularities in the utilisation of approximately 11% of donation funds intended for COVID-19 mitigation efforts. This follows after several civil society organisations have demanded accountability and transparency in the management of COVID-19 funds. The Ministry’s statement further indicates that irregularities in the contracting processes have been identified during the implementation of projects carried out by beneficiary sectors. The report also notes inconsistent payments of employees’ subsistence allowances and ineligible expenses. This comprises approximately $29 million out of a total of $285 million in donations used by the Mozambican State in 2020. However, the Ministry has stated that several of the cases have been resolved after an audit by the Administrative Court detected irregularities in relation to which it vows sanctions, including the return of undue allowances.
  • MAPUTO – 04 MAY 2022 (18H40) National Defence Minister Cristóvão Chum has held discussions with the Deputy National Security Adviser of the Republic of India, Vikram Misri. During the meeting, the two parties held talks within the framework of cooperation in the field of defence between the two countries.


NIGERIA – 04 MAY 2022

  • ABUJA – 03 MAY 2022 (19H00) The Nigeria Political Summit Group and the National Consultative Front (NCFront) have announced that a multi-stakeholder National Constitution Reform Dialogue is scheduled to be held in Abuja on Thursday, 12 May 2022. The Group’s National Organising Committee Chairman Pat Utomi has stated that the country’s constitutional shortcomings are expected to be discussed during the event. The dialogue is expected to involve eminent ethnic nationalities, religious leaders, political parties and the Government. This follows as Utomi has called for the restructuring of policing and Local Government Systems as well as devolution of power, greater accountability and fairness in the nation’s electoral system.
  • LAGOS – 03 MAY 2022 (20H20) United Nations (UN) Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has arrived in Nigeria on a two-day official working visit. The UN Information Centre in Nigeria has stated that Guterres is expected to meet with Borno State Governor Babagana Zulum in Maiduguri. Guterres is also set to embark on a field mission to meet with communities affected by terrorism in the northeastern states of Borno, Yobe and Adamawa. The Centre further noted that Guterres is also scheduled to evaluate the impact of climate change on vulnerable communities and assess progress made in Nigeria’s COVID-19 recovery efforts. In Abuja, the Secretary-General is also expected to meet with President Muhammadu Buhari, Vice-President Yemi Osibanjo and other Cabinet officials.
  • IZOMBE – 04 MAY 2022 (06H40) Explosion reported at a facility operated by Addax Petroleum Development Nigeria Limited in the vicinity of Izombe in the Oguta Local Government Area of Imo State. Reports indicate that at least ten people have sustained fatal injuries during a suspected bombing incident at a flow station in the community. Police Public Relations Officer in Imo, Micheal Abattam, has stated that the Police Commissioner has drafted the Command’s anti-bomb unit, in addition to operatives of the Command to the area to restore normalcy in the community.
  • LAGOS – 04 MAY 2022 (09H15) The Governor of Ekiti State, Kayode Fayemi, is expected to declare his intention to contest for President today, 04 May 2022. The Chief Press Secretary, Yinka Oyebode, has stated that Fayemi’s decision to contest the 2023 Presidential Election follows consultations across the geo-political zones within the previous six weeks. Fayemi has held meetings with traditional rulers in Ondo, Oyo, Osun and Ogun States for support.
  • BENIN – 04 MAY 2022 (10H30) Protest reported at the University of Benin in Edo State. Reports indicate that students of the University barricaded the Benin-Lagos Expressway, school entrance and Ring Road in solidarity with the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), demanding improved wages and working environments for lecturers. Motorists are advised to avoid the area. Authorities are on the scene.
  • KAUTIKARI – 04 MAY 2022 (11H30) Suspected Islamic State of West Africa Province (ISWAP) insurgents have carried out an attack in the Kautikari ward of Chibok Local Government Area of Borno State on Tuesday evening, 03 May 2022. Reports indicate that three civilians were killed during the attack, and other residents fled their residences to seek refuge. The insurgents have reportedly ambushed the area, shooting sporadically. The attack occurred while the United Nations (UN) Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, held a visit to the Borno State to carry out an assessment.
  • LAGOS – 04 MAY 2022 (13H00) All Progressive Congress (APC) Chairman Bisi Akande has announced that a meeting is expected to be held with presidential candidates in Lagos on 06 May 2022. The candidates that are expected to attend the meeting include Asiwaju Tinubu, Yemi Osinbajo, Kayode Fayemi and Ibikunle Amosun. The meeting aims to outline the interests of candidates in the upcoming presidential election.
  • ABUJA – 04 MAY 2022 (13H00) The Federal Government has announced that several international stakeholders have expressed interest in investing in the Nigeria-Morocco Gas Pipeline project. These include the Organisation of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) and the Russian Government. However, Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Timipre Sylva, has stated that the project is not expected to be completed before the expiration of the Administration term. Sylva has noted that the Government is seeking funding partners to extend the West African Gas Pipeline project from Ghana to Morocco to be connected to the European market. The Minister has indicated that the Nigerian, Morocco Gas Pipeline is a continuation of the West African Gas Pipeline project and is currently operationally connecting Nigeria to the Benin Republic, Togo and Ghana.
  • DAMBATTA – 04 MAY 2022 (14H45) Kano State Governor Abdullahi Ganduje announced the pardon of 90 inmates across the state. Ganduje stated that 70 additional inmates are expected to be released during the Eid el-Kabir celebration. Governor Spokesperson Abba Anwar noted that inmates have been pardoned due to ill health, age, and inability to pay penalties. Ganduje stated that provisions had been made to register inmates in skill acquisition programmes.
  • BAMA – 04 MAY 2022 (14H40) The Nigerian Army has confirmed the eradication of 24 Islamic State in West Africa Province (ISWAP)/ Boko Haram camps in the Sambisa forest, northeast of Borno State. The Army has stated that troops of 402 Special Forces Brigades, comprising 134, 198 and 199 Special Forces Battalions, under Operation Hadin Kai’s second phase of Desert Sanity, cleared the camps in the axis of the Bama Local Government Area (LGA). During the joint offensive, several Boko Haram members, including a top Commander known as Adamu Ngulde, had been neutralised. The camps include Mantari, Gapchari, Ngalmari, Malumbori, Kyautari, Malmatari, Kanari, Kajimari, Ngauramari and Yusufari, among others. In addition, several terrorists have also surrendered to the troops, while more than 900 individuals had been rescued. Additional security operations in the area are ongoing.
  • YOLA – 04 MAY 2022 (15H30) Increased Police and security presence has been reported throughout major routes in Yola, the Adamawa State capital, in anticipation of the arrival of Nigerian Vice President Yemi Osinbajo. Security operatives are also reportedly diverting traffic from selected streets expected to be utilised by the visiting Vice President. This has led to significant ground travel disruptions in the area. All Progressives Congress (APC) Publicity Secretary Mohammed Abdullahi has stated that Osinbajo is expected to address the party’s delegates to the National convention later today, 04 May 2022. The Vice President’s delegation is expected to travel from the Yola International Airport to the Palace of the Lamido and thereafter address the national delegates at the Muna Hotel.
  • LAGOS – 04 MAY 2022 (16H40) Peaceful protest reported at the Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC) Ebutte-Metta District offices. Residents from Apapa road and the Ebutte-Metta area in Lagos State are marching to the EKEDC District offices to protest against 32 days of persistent power interruptions in the area. The residents, under the aegis of Concerned Community Development Associations (CDAs), are conducting a peaceful rally to deliver a letter of demands to the EKEDC District Manager. Motorists are advised of ground travel disruptions on Apapa Road and other routes in the affected area. Authorities are monitoring the situation.
  • EBUTE LEKI – 04 MAY 2022 (18H30) Information Minister Alhaji Mohammed has announced the construction of the Lekki Deep Seaport in Lagos’ Free Zone. Mohammed stated that the Lekki Deep Seaport is expected to be the largest seaport in Western Africa as it covers 90 hectares and has a concession of 45 kilometres (km). Mohammed stated that it is a consortium that includes China Harbour Engineering Company, Tolaram, Lagos State Government, Nigerian Ports Authority and Lekki Port Investment Holding Inc. The Deap seaport is expected to create 170,000 employment opportunities in Nigeria.


RWANDA – 04 MAY 2022

  • KIGALI – 04 MAY 2022 (14H15) Rwandan Prime Minister Édouard Ngirente has presided over the official launch of the Banque Populaire du Rwanda (BPR) Bank Rwanda Plc at the Kigali Convention Centre on behalf of President Paul Kagame. BPR Bank Rwanda Plc is a merger of Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) Bank Rwanda and BPR. The lender recently merged KCB Bank Rwanda with its newly acquired BPR to form BPR Bank Rwanda Plc. KCB Group is banking on its new subsidiary BPR Bank Plc Rwanda to increase its regional business within the following two years and support economic expansion in the country.



  • DAR ES SALAAM – 03 MAY 2022 (20H15) Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu Hassan has ordered a review of the country’s media law in a bid to promote press freedom. Samia has stated that her Administration is currently engaged in dialogue with media stakeholders following recent concerns regarding laws that are obstructing media development in Tanzania. The President has reportedly directed the Ministry of Information, Communication and Information Technology to collaborate with media stakeholders to review the Media Services Act of 2016.


ZAMBIA – 04 MAY 2022

  • LUSAKA – 03 MAY 2022 (22H15) The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has apprehended the former Tourism Minister Ronal Chitotela on 03 May 2022. The ACC has arrested Chitotela following an investigation regarding investigations on possession of property suspected to be proceeds of crime. During the investigations, the ACC discovered that Chitotela has allegedly not fulfilled his settlement agreement. The settlement agreement requested that Chitotela provide full disclosure of all material facts relating to prior corrupt and illegal activity by him or others. Additionally, Chitotela is set to return all the property acquired through corrupt or illegal activity. The settlement has been set to prevent criminal proceedings from being made against Chitotela if he provides all requirements of the settlement. Reports indicate that the ACC arrested Chitotela as he only surrendered property in Ibex Hill, including unfinished construction valued at approximately K100,000. The property is set to be registered in his wife’s name.
  • LUSAKA – 04 MAY 2022 (06H10) President Hakainde Hichilema has announced the death of former Finance Minister Alexander Chikwanda at the age of 83. Presidential Spokesperson, Anthony Bwalya, has stated that Chikwanda has contributed to the governance of the country. Chikwanda was a member of the Patriotic Front (PF).
  • LUSAKA – 04 MAY 2022 (09H00) The Cabinet of Zambia has approved the introduction of a Bill in Parliament to amend the Public Order Act, Cap 113 of the Laws of Zambia. This follows decisions made by Cabinet at its 9th meeting held on 03 May 2022. The Chief Government Spokesperson Chushi Kasanda has stated that the Cabinet has noted that the amendment of the Public Order Act is necessary in order to develop a legal framework that regulates public assemblies, processions and meetings on constitutionally guaranteed fundamental rights and freedoms. Kasanda has stated that the Public Order Act has been revised through several amendments in response to emerging issues attributed to changes in political and social dynamics in the governance systems of Zambia, the region and the world.


ZIMBABWE – 04 MAY 2022

  • HARARE – 04 MAY 2022 (13H00) The Movement for Democratic Change-Tsvangirai (MDC-T) President, Douglas Mwonzora, has declared that the MDC-T is scheduled to hold an Ordinary Congress in June 2022. This comes as the party seeks to elect new Office Bearers to lead the party into 2023’s General Elections. Mwonzora has stated that the ordinary congress will also intercede with any proposed amendments to the constitution as well as key policy issues to guide the party in the execution of its mandate.



  • NIGERIA: The Nigerian Supreme Court has set 06 May 2022 as the date to deliver judgement on a suit regarding the disputed ownership of 21 oil wells between the Rivers and Imo States.
  • REP. CONGO: Protest expected at Palais du Peuple in Kinshasa on Friday, 06 May 2022.
  • NIGERIA: The Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency (NIMASA) has announced that the fifth plenary of the Gulf of Guinea Maritime Collaboration Forum for the Shared Awareness and Deconfliction (GOG-MCF/SHADE) is expected to be held in Abuja from 10 May 2022 until 11 May 2022.
  • NIGERIA: The Nigeria Political Summit Group and the National Consultative Front (NCFront) have announced that a multi-stakeholder National Constitution Reform Dialogue is scheduled to be held in Abuja on Thursday, 12 May 2022.
  • MADAGASCAR: Protest expected in Antananarivo by the Taxi Association (TIM) and residents within Antananarivo on 13 May 2022.
  • ANGOLA: The African Petroleum Producers Organization (APPO), the Government of the Republic of Angola, and AMETrade are expected to host the 8th African Petroleum Congress and Exhibition (CAPE VIII), scheduled to take place from 16 May 2022 until 19 May 2022, in Luanda, Republic of Angola.
  • KENYA: Kenya is expected to host the Power and Energy Africa meeting from 19 May 2022 until 21 May 2022 at Kenyatta International Convention Centre in Nairobi.
  • NIGERIA: President Muhammadu Buhari is expected to appear in a Federal High Court on 27 May 2022.
  • BOTSWANA: Botswana Democratic Party (BDP) Secretary-General (SG) Mpho Balopi has announced that he is not expected to seek re-election during the party’s Elective Congress in July 2022.
  • MOZAMBIQUE: President of the Republic Filipe Nyusi is expected to launch the 8th Edition of the Mining, Oil, Gas and Energy of Mozambique event from 02 June 2022 until 03 June 2022 at the Joaquim Chissano Conference Centre in Maputo.
  • RWANDA: Rwandan President Paul Kagame and Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland have announced the week of 20 June 2022 as the date for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) to be held in Kigali, Rwanda.
  • KENYA: Kenya’s Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC) has announced that general elections are scheduled to be held on 09 August 2022.
  • RWANDA: Rwanda is scheduled to host the African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) from 05 September 2022 until 09 September 2022.
  • ANGOLA: Energy Capital and Power (ECP) has announced that the 2022 Edition of Angola Oil and Gas (AOG) is expected to be held from 29 November 2022 until 01 December 2022.
  • NIGERIA: The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) has announced that Nigeria is expected to conduct elections on 25 February 2023 and 11 March 2023.
  • NIGERIA: The Federal Ministry of Petroleum Resources has announced plans for the Sixth Edition of Nigeria’s International Energy Summit (NIES 2023) in Abuja from 16 April 2023 until 20 April 2023.
  • MOZAMBIQUE: Mozambique’s National Elections Commission (CNE) has approved a proposal that schedules 11 October 2023 as the date for the sixth municipal elections across the country.


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May 4
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