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February 16

ANGOLA – 16 FEB 2022

  • LUANDA – 16 FEB 2022 (04H20) The Governments of Angola and Namibia are currently reviewing efforts to strengthen bilateral cooperation in several economic areas between the two countries. This follows as Namibian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of International Relations and Cooperation Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah is currently on a working visit to Luanda, Angola. The two Governments recently launched a Ministerial meeting at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MIREX) headquarters, with the participation of the top executives from several organizations. The Angolan Foreign Ministry has stated that the two countries are expected to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in trade, investment and promotion of industrial cooperation, and an agreement to establish a business forum between the chambers of commerce of the two countries. During the week-long visit to Luanda, the Namibian delegation is set to travel to Bengo and Kwanza-Sul provinces to view several ongoing production projects.
  • LUANDA – 16 FEB 2022 (08H15) The Angolan Parliament has reiterated its commitment to continue working towards improving the administrative and technical services to provide better working conditions for deputies. The Secretary-General of the National Assembly of Angola, Agostinho de Neri, has stated that the Parliament is also committed to improving communication, image and information technology. This comes as Neri is in Portugal on a working visit following the existing cooperation between the two Parliamentary institutions. The visit will also serve to evaluate the current protocol between the two countries.
  • LUANDA – 16 FEB 2022 (15H30) The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Angola has met with the United Kindom (UK) Embassy representatives in Luanda to discuss prospective funding projects. The organisations consulted strategies to heighten bilateral cooperation in 2022 and exchanged views on Angola’s electoral process.


DEM. REP. CONGO – 16 FEB 2022

  • RWENZORI – 16 FEB 2022 (00H30) The Armed Forces of the Democratic Republic of Congo (FARDC) have confirmed that four members of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) armed group have been neutralised during a recent operation in the Rwenzori sector of Beni, North Kivu province. Sokola 1 Grand Nord Operations Spokesperson Anthony Mualushay has stated that the ADF forces have been neutralised during armed clashes in the village of Ndiva, located approximately 7 kilometres (km) north of Nobili. During the operation, FARDC forces have also recovered three AK-47 rifles, a rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) weapon, along with several other Military effects. Mualushay has stated that the security situation in the area has returned to normalcy, with the FARDC expected to continue search operations in the village and surrounding areas.
  • KINSHASA – 16 FEB 2022 (06H30) The President of the Republic, Felix Tshisekedi, has received a letter from the President of the Commitment for Citizenship and Development (Ecidé), Martin Fayulu, addressed to the African Union (AU), through its Commission under the order of the Chadian diplomat Moussa Faki Mahamat. In the letter, Fayulu had raised concerns about the state of the nation, including the internal affairs of a member country. Fayulu has also urged the AU to engage with stakeholders to consult over consensual electoral reforms and plan for a free, fair and impartial election. Fayulu has also reiterated his commitment to consensus and democracy.
  • BUNIA – 16 FEB 2022 (06H45) The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, is scheduled to arrive in Bunia, the capital of Ituri, on Tuesday, 22 February 2022. The Bunia Military Governor, Luboya Nkashama, has stated Guterres will visit the Kokonyangi village in the Baboa-Bokoe chiefdom and express his condolences following the death of 14 civilians. Guterres will also assess the humanitarian situation over several internally displaced peoples (IDP’s) in Rhoo in the Bahema Nord chiefdom in the territory of Djugu.
  • KINSHASA – 16 FEB 2022 (07H00) The Belgium Ministry of Defence has announced plans to deploy Belgian Armed Forces to the Democratic Republic of Congo as part of a mission of ‘support against terrorism and stabilization of the region’ by March 2022. The Belgian Armed Forces will be a support mission in Kindu, east of the country, and Kinshasa. This decision follows a request from the Congolese Government in October 2021. About 25 Belgian soldiers will be deployed to the Lwama camp in Kindu, and another detachment will arrive in September 2022 to follow up on the first mission.
  • KINSHASA – 16 FEB 2022 (07H40) The Military High Court is scheduled to resume the case against the murder of two activists, Floribert Chebeya and Fidèle Bazana, today, 16 February 2022. Chebeya had been killed at a Police station in Kinshasa in June 2010 while Bazana, who had accompanied Chebeya, had disappeared. The court is expected to deliver its ruling over the defendant’s statements who participated in the murder of Chebeya and Bazana.
  • KINSHASA – 16 FEB 2022 (10H15) The General Inspectorate of Finance, Jules Alingete Key, has announced that a mission will be deployed to the Independent National Electoral Commission (CENI) within 48-hours. The mission will be deployed to the CENI offices to carry out an audit over the expenditure and follow-up on the financing operations of the CENI office. The Government has allocated about $21-million to the CENI ahead of the 2023 General Elections.


ESWATINI – 16 FEB 2022

  • MBABANE – 16 FEB 2022 (03H00) The eSwatini Ministry of Public Works has announced the launch of rehabilitation works on the Mbabane-Bhunya roadway via Mhlambanyatsi. The rehabilitation project forms part of the Government’s ongoing road rehabilitation programme. The Ministry has called on motorists utilising roads currently under rehabilitation to exercise caution when driving.
  • MBABANE – 16 FEB 2022 (10H50) Protest reported at the High Court of eSwatini held by members of the Economic Freedom Fighters in Swaziland (EFFSWA). Members of the EFFSWA are protesting in solidarity with the two pro-democracy Member of Parliament (MP’s), Mduduzi Bacede Mabuza and Mthandeni Dube, who is expected to appear before the court. Police are on the scene. Motorists are advised to be cautious.



  • ADDIS ABABA – 15 FEB 2022 (19H15) African Heads of State and Government are expected to attend the 6th European Union-African Union Summit in Brussels on 17 February and 18 February 2022. The leaders will be focussing on joint priorities for the African and the European continent. The 2022 Summit aims to launch an enterprising Africa-Europe Investment Package into global history, including climate change and the current health crisis. The leaders will be discussing the growth in the financing sector, health systems and vaccine production, stability, security, and governance.
  • ADDIS ABABA – 15 FEB 2022 (23H20) Ethiopia’s Parliament has announced the lifting of the State of Emergency imposed on 02 November 2021 after Tigrayan armed groups attempted to seize the capital, Addis Ababa. The Foreign Ministry has stated that the move follows a proposal by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s Cabinet to ease the state of emergency, which had initially been scheduled to be in effect until May 2022. Foreign envoys have called for a cease-fire and expanded their aid access to areas affected by conflict. This follows after the United Nations (UN) recently stated that 40% of Tigrayans are experiencing a food shortage.
  • ADDIS ABABA – 16 FEB 2022 (08H15) Kenya and Ethiopia have announced their commitment to conducting cross border terror operations for stability between the two countries. The countries reiterated strengthening security cooperation to fight cross-border terrorism by ensuring peace and stability. This follows after the two countries Police Chiefs met in Addis Ababa on Tuesday, 15 February 2022, and agreed to cooperate over ways to deal with cross border crimes. During the meeting, the two Police Chiefs agreed to launch a joint operation against al-Shabaab and Shene groups to stop hostile activities by the two organisations. The two countries are also expected to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) for the joint operation by March 2022.


GHANA – 16 FEB 2022

  • ACCRA – 16 FEB 2022 (04H30) The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has announced the implementation of planned maintenance works on electricity infrastructure from today, 16 February 2022. The ECG has stated that this aims to improve service delivery in several parts of Greater Accra and Eastern Regions. As a result, the affected areas in Greater Accra are expected to experience power outages from 09H00 until 16H00 due to the maintenance works. The affected areas include Gbegbeyise, Petroleum, Glefe, Wiaboman, West hills, Dzorwulu, Bayere junction, Reservoir, Dodowa, Rhaman town, Agormada, Doryumu, Kordiebe and Ayikuma and surrounding areas. In the Eastern Region, the areas of Mampong, Akropong, Larteh, Amanokrom, Mamfe, Abiriw, Obosomase, Tutu, Awukugua, Adukrom and surrounding areas are set to undergo electricity interruption between 10H00 and 16H00.
  • ACCRA – 16 FEB 2022 (08H00) The Executive Director of the National Labour Commission (NLC), Ofosu Asamoah, has announced that the University Teachers Association of Ghana (UTAG) are expected to resume work, following the Accra High Court’s decision to grant an interlocutory injunction against their industrial action. Asamoah has stated that UTAG members are bound to resume work, as it swore an affidavit to suspend its strike if the court grants an injunction. UTAG has been on strike since 10 January 2022 in demand for better conditions of service. However, the lawyer for UTAG, Kwasi Keli-Delataa, objected to the motion and pleaded with the court to deal with the substantive matter before it.
  • ACCRA – 16 FEB 2022 (08H30) The President of the University of Ghana Chapter of the University Teachers Association (UTAG), Samuel Nkumbaa, has announced that the teachers will not be resuming work despite a court ruling on Tuesday, 15 February 2022. Nkumbaa has stated that the court has not presided over their demands during the courts proceeding, and members of the UTAG has decided not to resume class today, 16 February 2022. The order from the court follows an appeal by the National Labour Commission (NLC) for a demand to suspend the ongoing protest by UTAG while negotiations continue.


KENYA – 16 FEB 2022

  • NAIROBI – 16 FEB 2022 (09H00) The former Mount Elgon Member of Parliament (MP), John Serut, has died due to cancer today, 16 February 2022, at the Nairobi Hospital’s Doctors’ Plaza. Serut’s son, Chesebe Serut, has stated that his father had been receiving treatment after being diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Serut’s body has been transferred to the Lee Funeral Home.
  • HALUQA – 16 FEB 2022 (11H15) An improvised explosive device (IED) attack reported near the Haluqa village in Garissa County. Reports indicate that a vehicle drove over the IED and exploded. Casualties have been reported. Motorists are advised to avoid the area. The situation remains volatile. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack. However, the al-Shabaab insurgent group are known to have carried out attacks in the area.
  • NAIROBI – 16 FEB 2022 (13H45) The British High Commission has donated to Kenya Ministry of Health forensic medical equipment evaluated at Sh4.5 million to combat insurgency. The equipment will increase the Forensic Unit and Pathology capacity while improving disaster response and supporting forensic investigations. This follows ongoing investments by the United Kingdom (UK) calculated at Sh1.1 billion a year in Kenya’s insurgency efforts.


LESOTHO – 16 FEB 2022

  • MASERU – 16 FEB 2022 (03H10) Lesotho school teachers have announced plans to launch industrial action due to the Government’s failure to uphold an agreement signed between the two parties in 2019. Lesotho Teachers Trade Union (LTTU) Secretary-General Mamoholana Folene has stated that the union has provided the Government with a month’s notice to respond to their grievances. If the Government fails to respond, the LTTU is expected to launch protest action in March 2022. This follows an agreement to suspend the 2018/2019 industrial action after the Government, through a Cabinet Sub-Committee, negotiated for a resumption of operations to address the teachers’ grievances. The teachers’ grievances include employment verification, vetting and budget allocation of all affected teachers, as well as information dissemination on the implementation of the new curriculums through radio programmes. Folene has stated that the grievances are yet to be addressed.



  • MORAMANGA – 16 FEB 2022 (07H15) Flooding reported in the Tanteraka area in the Toamasina region due to heavy rainfall following the landfall of the tropical cyclone, Dumako-22. Reports indicate that the Dombon and Drano communities have been affected by the flooding. The Madagascar Disaster management team will be deployed to assess the damages and assist the affected families. Members of the public are advised to avoid areas that were affected by the flooding and remain cautious.


MALAWI – 16 FEB 2022

  • LILONGWE – 16 FEB 2022 (06H10) The Ministry of Water and Sanitation, through the Department of Water Resources, has announced that the Department of Climate Change and Meteorological Services, the Inter-Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ), that a forecast of flooding and heavy rainfall will occur near Lakeshore and central areas from 15 February 2022 until 20 February 2022. The Ministry has further cautioned the population over flooding at river streams in the central areas of Malawi, which include, Dwanga, Dwambadzi, Lifyodzi, Navikoko and the Mkhula river in the Nkhotakota District, and Lingadzi, Linthipe, and Lifidzi rivers in the Salmia District. The Ministry has also stated that flooding is possible in the low lying areas in the Lakeshore District of Karonga, Rumphi, Nkhatabay, Nkhotakota and Salima, the Southern areas of Balaka, Machinga and Mangochi Districts. The rivers include Liwawadzi, Rivirivi and Mpale in Balaka, Likwenu, Naming’azi and Sumulu in the Machinga District, Lingamasa in Mangochi District. The Ministry has further urged the population to avoid crossing flooding rivers and remain vigilant.



  • MAPUTO – 16 FEB 2022 (03H40) Mozambique’s National Institute of Meteorology (INAM) has announced that tropical storm Dumako is forecast to arrive in the Mozambique Channel on Wednesday, 16 February 2022. The storm is expected to affect maritime navigation in the region between latitude 14 and 20 degrees south, with increased wind speeds and persistent rainfall. INAM has stated that the low-pressure system, which formed in the Indian Ocean and evolved into a moderate tropical storm, is expected to develop into a severe tropical cyclone. The storm is expected to affect the provinces of Nampula in the north of the country, and Zambezia and Sofala, in the centre, with increased rainfall, severe thunderstorms and increased wind speeds. The Institute has called on the public to continue monitoring meteorological information and warnings issued by authorities.
  • MAPUTO – 16 FEB 2022 (04H10) President Filipe Nyusi has announced the dismissal of Timóteo Bernardo from the position of Deputy Commander-General of the Police of the Republic of Mozambique (PRM), appointing Fernando Francisco Tsucana in Bernardo’s position. Tsucana previously held the position of Deputy Director of the Academy of Police Sciences (ACIPOL). President Nyusi has also promoted Brigadier Eugénio Augusto Roque, former Chief of Staff of the Casa Militar – Presidential Guard, to the rank of Major General and appointed Roque as the Head of the Casa Militar, replacing Tiago Alberto Nampele. Tiago Alberto Nampele is set to henceforth assume the functions of Commander of the Army Branch, Mozambique Armed Defence Forces (FADM). In addition, in the Mozambican Civic Service, the President appointed Ezequiel Isac Muianga to the position of Commander of that organ, replacing Messias André Niposso. Nyusi has also promoted Colonels Estêvão Francisco, Ricardo Armando Eugénio Macuvele , Omar Nalá Saranga, Francisco Maurício Assane, and Leonardo da Graça Dimas to the ranks of Brigadiers, and Navy Captain Bernardo Estêvão Nchokomala to the post of Commodore.
  • MALEMA – 16 FEB 2022 (10H30) Nacala Logistics has announced that Mozambique’s main coal shipment railway line has been reopened between Nacala and Cuamba. This follows after a collision between a train and a heavily loaded truck and had been closed since Saturday, 12 February 2022. The circulation of passenger trains is expected to resume by Saturday, 19 February 2022. The railway connects the coal mines in Tete province to the port of Nacala, where the coal is mostly shipped to Asia.
  • MAPUTO – 16 FEB 2022 (12H30) Former Mozambique President, Armando Guebuza, is expected to testify as a witness in the trial of a 2016 corruption case on Thursday, 17 February 2022, at the Maputo City Judicial Court. This comes after the Supreme Court requested Guebuza’s court authorization to be granted by Mozambique’s Council of State. Public prosecutors have called on Guebuza to testify as being the former Head of State that issued guarantees that allowed public enterprises Empresa Moçambicana de Atum (Ematum), Proíndicus and Mozambique Asset Management (MAM) to borrow $2.7 billion from foreign banks without informing Parliament or existing creditors. A heightened presence of security operatives will be deployed during the court proceedings.
  • MAPUTO – 16 FEB 2022 (12H45) India is expected to donate US$10 million to Mozambique in support of the shortage of water supply in Cabo Delgado. This follows after a memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed on 15 February 2022 between the Minister for Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Verónica Macamo, and India’s high commissioner to Mozambique, Ankan Banerjee. According to the Armed Conflict Location & Event Data Project (ACLED) registration project, India will support Mozambique in the fight against COVID-19 by donating a consignment of vaccines, concessional financing of locomotives and carriages for the railway lines and boats for the navy.


NIGERIA – 16 FEB 2022

  • ABUJA – 15 FEB 2022 (19H45) The Public Relations, Federal Ministry of Transportation has announced that President Muhammadu Buhari has approved the appointment of Mohammed Bello Koko as the substantive Managing Director (MD) for the Nigerian Ports Authority. This follows Koko’s delegation as the acting Managing Director of the  National Prosecuting  Authority (NPA) on 06 May 2021. Koko’s appointment as substantive MD will take effect immediately.
  • ABUJA – 16 FEB 2022 (06H00) The Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPC) has begun 24-hour operations throughout NNPC depots and retail outlets to restore regular supply and distribution of petrol across the country. NNPC has assured Nigerians that adequate measures had been put in place to distribute petrol disrupted by the holding of methanol blended petrol. As part of NNPC’s measures, over 2.3 billion litres of petrol is scheduled for delivery in February 2022, which will restore the sufficiency level above the national target of 30 days.
  • BENIN CITY – 16 FEB 2022 (08H40) Residents of 14 communities in Ovia South-West Local Government Area of Edo State have appealed to Governor Godwin Obaseki to intervene over the alleged invasion, killing and destruction of their farmland by suspected herdsmen. The communities have called on Obaseki to order security officials to protect the communities in order to restore safety in the areas. This follows after the residents of the communities called the ‘Save Ovia Group,’ carried out a protest at the premises of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) in the Edo State.
  • ABIA – 16 FEB 2022 (13H15) Security operatives have been deployed to the Abia cattle market in Omumauzor to maintain stability following an attack by armed suspects. A group of unknown armed suspects have invaded the newly constructed market and killed several civilians on Tuesday, 15 February 2022. There is a heightened security presence in the area due to the attack.
  • ENUGU – 16 FEB 2022 (15H00) A joint patrol group completed by the Nigerian Army, Nigerian Air Force, Nigeria Police, Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), and the Department of State Security has been deployed to Enugu. This follows several attacks on security personnel on duty in the state. The NDCDC has urged residents to resume conducting their lawful business without suspicion.


RWANDA – 16 FEB 2022

  • KIGALI – 16 FEB 2022 (03H40) France’s Court of Cassation has confirmed that an investigation into the alleged shooting down of a Presidential plane that led to the 1994 Rwandan genocide is set to be concluded. The Court has rejected the appeal by families of people killed in the missile attack on President Juvenal Habyarimana’s aircraft on 6 April 1994. The Court found that the investigation had been completed and sufficient charges did not exist against any individual for committing the alleged crimes, nor any other infraction.
  • KIGALI – 16 FEB 2022 (06H20) The General Assembly of the Chamber of Deputies voted on the bill amending Law N ° 031/2021 of 30 June 2021, resolving the state budget for the year 2021/2022, in which the revised budget is increased by Rwf633.6-billion. This comes after the Parliament voted an increase of Rwf633.6-billion, which amounted to Rwf3,806.9-billion in June 2021. Following the vote, the state budget of Rwanda for the year 2021/2022 will amount to Rwf4,440.5-billion. According to the Parliament, the budget increased due to the activities, such as the launch of embassies, issuing payments to various leaders in car care centres, school feeding programs, the health insurance scheme and the public debt and remuneration. The Chairman of the National Budget and Assets Commission, Omar Munyaneza, has expressed his satisfaction with the budget and stated that the budget reflects on the country’s commitment to community development. The Minister of Finance and Planning, Uzziel Ndagijimana, has stated that the content of the bill is in line with the strategy of ‘Economy’. Following the draft law amending the State Budget for 2021/2022, the General Assembly of the Chamber of Deputies will submit the proposed state budget to the President of the Republic, Paul Kagame.


TANZANIA – 16 FEB 2022

  • DAR ES SALAAM – 16 FEB 2022 (08H45) A Czech aircraft manufacturer, Skyleader, has announced plans to establish an African manufacturing base in Tanzania. The firm is currently in discussions with Tanzania to establish an ultralight aircraft Skyleader 500 manufacturing plant in the Mtwara Region. The Tanzania Civil Aviation Authority has welcomed the move and stated that it would boost the aviation industry.


ZAMBIA – 16 FEB 2022

  • NDOLA – 16 FEB 2022 (16H00) The Bank of Zambia (BOZ), through the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC), has maintained the Policy Rate at 9.0%. This is due to the decreasing inflation driven by the appreciation of the Kwacha against the United States (U.S) dollar. The BOZ Governor, Denny Kalyalya, stated that inflation outlook risks, including increased crude oil prices, lower crop production, and the COVID-19 pandemic, remain. Inflation is projected to continue to decrease toward the 6% to 8% target range.


ZIMBABWE – 16 FEB 2022

  • HARARE – 15 FEB 2022 (19H15) President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa is expected to embark on his trip to visit Belgium today, 14 February 2022, to attend the 6th European Union-African Union Summit. The Summit will be held in Brussels, and it is scheduled for 17 February and 18 February 2022. Several African and European leaders are expected to exchange views and develop agreements.
  • HARARE – 15 FEB 2022 (20H30) Information Minister Monica Mutsvangwa has announced the re-opening of all ports of entry in the country immediately. This is due to the declination of COVID-19 cases in the country. Travellers are required to present a valid COVID-19 Test that is not more than 48 hours from the time of their departure for Zimbabwe and be fully vaccinated. This follows the Cabinet meeting today, 15 February 2022.
  • HARARE – 16 FEB 2022 (16H00) The Minister of Home Affairs and Cultural Heritage, Raymond Kazembe, has received the Southern African Regional Police Chiefs Cooperation Organization (SARPCCO) and National Commissioner of the South Africa Police Service(SAPS), Khehla John Sitole, in their visit to discuss bilateral agreements. The leaders’ deliberations included Security threats as international crimes and collaborative measures, utilizing relevant technologies for smart policing and legislation alignment to support crime prevention and provide stability. The mobile registration for national documents has been scheduled to commence on 01 April 2022, targeting to administer identity cards and birth certificates to more than 2 million citizens.



  • ANGOLA: Protest expected by the Movement of Angolan Students (MEA) on 19 February 2022 in Luanda.
  • DEM. REP. CONGO: The Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, is scheduled to arrive in Bunia, the capital of Ituri, on Tuesday, 22 February 2022.
  • DEM. REP. CONGO: The Governments of Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is set to hold the Second Joint Business Forum in Kinshasa from 22 February 2022 until 24 February 2022.
  • ZAMBIA: Proflight Zambia has announced plans to commence twice-weekly Ndola-Mansa service with British Aerospace (BAe) Jetstream equipment by 16 March 2022.
  • ZIMBABWE: The National Assembly is expeDRCcted to hold by-elections for vacancies in the National Assembly on 26 March 2022.
  • NIGERIA: The Nigerian Supreme Court has set 06 May 2022 as the date to deliver judgement on a suit regarding the disputed ownership of 17 oil wells between the Rivers and Imo States.
  • RWANDA: Rwandan President Paul Kagame and Commonwealth Secretary-General Patricia Scotland have announced the week of 20 June 2022 as the date for the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) to be held in Kigali, Rwanda.


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February 16