What We Do

How We Add value

The Company provides an information led approach to tailoring security solutions through predictive threat detection and applying risk mitigation measures that can be monitored, tested, and adjusted to evolving threats.

Local First Recruitment Policy

Willshir has a history of working well with ethnically diverse groups from all around the world and integrating security personnel in order to work towards a common goal.

Investment in Training

Our training policy reflects our beliefs that training is an ongoing endeavor. We run regular retraining programs and testing to ensure that we fulfill our commitments to our staff and to our clients. Additionally, we encourage our staff to further their education in order to become better versions of themselves.

Services We Provide


Our tested and proven approach to corporate security has been developed in complex and emerging markets, which are often the first to experience the development of such organizational risks. We have developed an approach that is both flexible and robust to meet the multitude of our clients’ needs. Our consultants include both security specialists and generalists, and our consulting services are managed by adhering to, and applying international best practices.

• Assessments • Embedded Security Managers • Training (Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) • Information Services • Special Projects

Business Intelligence

As a company, we work proactively to mitigate risks to our clients and staff through ongoing monitoring and the data mining of information sources. Information is analyzed and reports are generated to guide client operations worldwide. By assessing and adjusting operational exposure to risks on an international basis, we support companies to operate in diverse and dynamic environments that are hazardous to normal business operations.

• Daily Security Spot Reports • Tracking & Monitoring of Security Incidents • Daily Security Risk Assessments • Route Assessments • Venue Assessments • New Site Security Surveys • Travel Advisory Reports • Security Incident Database • Data Analyses • Security Briefings • Evacuation Plans • Risk Mitigation Assessment

Physical protection system

When designing security, a layered approach is utilized by our technical advisors, covering problem definitions, design, sensors, video, lighting, alarms, entry control, delay barriers, and the response force. Our guarding service generally forms only a part of our layered approach.

Information Security

Information assets exist in many forms and information asset protection is a growing field in the security industry. Willshir provides the best practices in safeguarding information and mitigating liability due to data loss of theft.


While public sector organizations exist to serve and protect society in general, they do not always have sufficient resources to spare. Willshir provides overt as well as covert investigations to our clients, and all our investigators work under legal counsel in order to ensure that they adhere to legal requirements

Crisis Management

We approach crises management through following operational plans designed by the company utilizing the experience gained working with large oil, gas, and defense firms operating in unstable environments in Africa and the Middle East. Specific emergency planning includes country evacuation planning, natural disaster planning, business continuity, and kidnap and ransom planning.

Global Network

We provide a network of security practitioners from numerous countries, relying on and supporting these individuals in order to facilitate both their operations and ours.

Special Tasks


Our advisory team was developed to fill critical gaps found in the security sector, and all our advisors are selected for their knowledge and experience in the security industry.

Response Team

Willshir provides an armed response service based on the Police Special Weapons and Tactics unit methods of operation. This service is better suited for special tasks involving high risk protection, facility counter assault, and the escort of high value goods such as diamonds and gold. The service is also suitable as a response to serious incidents involving farm attacks, and cash in transit heists.

Canine Services

We provide guard canines or a combination of a handler and canine team.


Willshir is a registered training provider offering various qualifications through the Safety and Security Sector Education and Training Authority (SASSETA), Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority (PSiRA) and the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

Close protection

Our close protection services cover the full threat spectrum. As a rule, we prefer to operate in such a way as to provide the necessary level of security without negatively impacting on our client’s image or reputation. Close protection plans are tailored to fit the client, and include security drivers, close protection, high risk close protection, and very high risk close protection.

Counter Surveillance

Surveillance and counter surveillance services are available to our clients and these are generally best suited to client operations and facilities that face a specific threat or need to recover goods.

Escort of High Value Goods

Willshir provides staff to escort high value goods either as a total solution or in support of the client’s arrangements. This service is better suited to the movement of diamonds, gold and other valuable items.


We are a company that is dedicated to giving back to the community, and we believe in, and support the development of disadvantaged and vulnerable communities. Since our company’s inception, we have endeavored to be a role model to the communities around us and to contribute in a meaningful and positive way.