The Labour and Social Security Minister, Brenda Tambatamba, has announced that the Government has acknowledged a few drafting errors in the newly signed Statutory Instrument number 93 of 2021, which repeals statutory instrument number 106 of 2020 on the conditions of service for bus and truck operators. Tambatamba has stated that some figures that were agreed as allowances for bus and truck drivers during the amendment of SI 106 had been represented in the new Statutory Instruments (SI). Tambtamba has stated that the subsistence allowance for truck operators undertaking local trips whose truck has a sleeping cabin will remain at K390 and not K300. Tambatamba has further stated that the risk allowance for truck drivers undertaking international trips had been reduced from $0.10 per kilometre to $0.08 per kilometre and not 0.8 ngwee per kilometre. Meanwhile, the Government will ensure the errors are assesed to avoid any further concerns from affected parties. – 2022©️Willshir & Associates – Business Intelligence Program