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Our mission is to support and bolster our clients’ operations, securing their positions through the delivery of quality, discreet and cost effective security services. We aim to exceed our clients’ expectations through superior service and innovation, and we are passionate about creating a work environment that respects and values diversity.

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How We Add value

The Company provides an information led approach to tailoring security solutions through predictive threat detection and applying risk mitigation measures that can be monitored, tested, and adjusted to evolving threats.

Investment in Training

Our training policy reflects our beliefs that training is an ongoing endeavor. We run regular retraining programs and testing to ensure that we fulfill our commitments to our staff and to our clients. Additionally, we encourage our staff to further their education in order to become better versions of themselves.

Local First Recruitment Policy

Willshir has a history of working well with ethnically diverse groups from all around the world and integrating security personnel in order to work towards a common goal.

Our Team

At Willshir, we are a true team bound by our convictions. We prize dedication and are moved to help each other, our customers and our community. Loyalty to the team, the company, and to our clients is of the utmost importance, and we passionately embrace our tasks, while fearlessly taking calculated risks, confident in our ability to deliver results. Above all, we find joy in our work and in serving the company and our clients.


Rob Hamman

Executive Summary of experience.
Seasoned security professional with 30 years of combined international experience. I served 12 years with various military units and have been contracting internationally for another 18 years working in high-risk security environments. (Iraq and Africa).
Over the years, I have contracted with various commercial companies providing reconstruction services and companies associated with DOD, DOS, Oil & Gas, and NGO-related contracts in high-risk environments.

Additional work-related positions held over the years include- Close Protection Officer, Site Security Manager, Risk Intelligence Manager, Intelligence Analyst, Surveillance/Counter Surveillance & Investigations, and Risk Management Officer.

Neil Hamman

Neil Hamman is former military and has a strong background in Close Protection and Risk Management. Neil holds a Masters Degree in Security Studies (MSc) and is working on his Research Doctorate in Policing, Security, and Community Safety.

Siyabonga Ndlamla

Siyabonga Ndlamla is former army special forces with 26 years of military and private security sector experience. Since leaving the Military, he has spent 17 years contracting for international companies in the Middle East and Africa.